Performance Testing, The Integral Part Of Software Testing

Performance testing is carried out after a tester knows that all the functions are working properly but also wants to check the performance of the API under high load. Software performance testing is implemented to detect potential defects that would be extremely tedious to deal with. The main motive of the tester here is to generate API calls from multiple threads in a random fashion and monitor the behavior of the software. This phase deals with a series of experimentation on the APIs and checking if they work well under pressure.

Performance Testing is a series of tests, experiments, and stressful events. Here, a product is tested for threshold and failure under stressful environments and conditions. This form of testing is implemented to check if a particular product will work just fine post its launch.

Performance Testing Methodologies at DRC Systems

DRC Systems has a team of professional and highly qualified software testers that scan the systems and check if there are any loopholes or defects. Our skilled testers conduct the tests and check if the system can perform well in pressurized environments.

Load Testing

As the name implies, load testing is done to check the ability of an application to perform under different types of loads. Testers check the performance bottlenecks and loopholes before the application goes live.

Stress Testing

This is a type of performance testing where an application is checked under extreme loads. This testing is carried out to analyze how the application handles heavy traffic and if it delivers the expected performance.

Endurance Testing

This testing is carried out to check how the application can handle the load for a long period. The main goal of conducting this test is to check if there are any memory leaks and evaluate the change in the system response time.

Spike Testing

Spike testing is carried out to test the application's reaction to sudden spikes in the load. Here the main motto behind checking the reaction of the application is to see whether the application will run successfully under varying loads.

Volume Testing

This testing checks the performance of the application under varying database volumes. The overall software behavior is monitored and checked if the application can perform well under changing database conditions.

Scalability Testing

The objective of this testing type is to determine the effectiveness of the application in 'scaling up' to support an increase in the volume of user load. This is a strategy to plan and implement a capacity in addition to your system software.

Why Trust DRC Systems?

Our professional software developers understand your business requirements and work on them thereby transforming your ideas and needs into a doable and functional project. Our team of qualified and smart testers determines the breakpoints, system performance under a pressurized environment.

Every app or software that is developed goes through the testing phase to eliminate any defects and cover up any loopholes. Our testers are professional and competent enough to remove any defect by using modern methods of performance testing. The performance of any software or application is checked by how it performs in a pressurized environment.

Our software testers make sure that the application is completely free from bugs and performance issues. Our testers test the performance of your website and applications using automated tools for load testing. We do this all to give you a custom application that lives up to your expectations. From understanding your requirements, developing the application to conducting integrity, and performance checks, our custom automation testing services are a complete suite for your business needs.

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