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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a widely popular open-source general scripting language that is best suited for website development. It can be easily embedded into HTML. Instead of having multiple fragments to output HTML, the PHP pages contain an HTML embedded code that performs the required task. This PHP code is enclosed in special START and END process instructions that allow the developers to jump out and into the preprocessor mode at any time.

PHP, unlike other scripting languages, is executed on the server thereby generating HTML which is then sent to the client. The client then receives the results of that particular script. The developers can configure the webserver to process all the HTML files with PHP and this is done discreetly.

Our PHP Web Application Development Services

DRC Systems is an IT organization and we provide you with 360° PHP development services right from the initial planning phase to the final delivery along with after-sales service.

Customized PHP Development

Get the full-stack PHP development services from initial consultancy to strategy planning, development, and deployment, and tech support. Our PHP specialists are there to support you throughout the project.

Customized API Development

Our PHP experts carry years of experience and exploring APIs to offer smoother integration. We carry rich experience in designing APIs according to your customized requirements.

CMS Development Solutions

Our PHP developers design fast, scalable, and feature-rich CMS solutions by leveraging PHP. Apart from that we also provide CMS development solutions on WordPress, Drupal, and TYPO3.

App Renovation

Our PHP experts are proficient in inculcating the latest features in your web application to optimize it for improved performance. We even migrate your website from one platform to another.

PHP Consulting

Our skilled team of consultants knows our business verticals and is available to assist you. We also provide consultancy services to help you with your dream PHP projects.

Support & Maintenance

Our QA team takes care of the support and maintenance part. Our testers are competent to remove any bugs and glitches from the project and deliver a fully functional PHP based application.

Why Is PHP So Advantageous?

PHP is better suited for web development and other customization needs. The main feature of this open-source platform is its framework. This PHP MVC framework is used by organizations to simplify the process of product development.


Most organizations seek a complete web development solution that is dynamic and adapts to itself. Laravel is such a PHP MVC framework. This framework allows for complete customization. The pre-designed templates and packages of this framework are fully customizable.

Secure Authentication

Laravel is a powerful PHP MVC framework that comes with out-of-box functionalities thereby simplifying the implementation process. This PHP framework easily integrates with the authorization logic and offers simple control access. This is the security feature of Laravel.

Faster Time To Market

By leveraging Laravel your development team can start designing and market the product simultaneously. The time taken to market the product is less with this PHP framework. Apart from that, the developers do not have to focus on developing customized solutions for businesses.

MVC Framework Support

Laravel is a framework of PHP that is supported by MVC. It is beneficial for developers and offers plenty of built-in functions to develop different complex applications. The main objective of this framework is to simplify the development activities.

Highest ROI

Every business has its own budget and Laravel is the best-suited framework for enterprise app development. This is a budget PHP website development platform and works on the principle "code once and reuse". This framework also offers greater scalability and extensive customization.

Futuristic Platform

Businesses and organizations with long term goals always prefer Laravel for all their web development and application needs. Laravel is a highly scalable and dynamic MVC framework that quickly adapts to the constantly changing market trends and offers you a dynamic environment.

Why Choose DRC Systems For Your PHP Requirements?

PHP language is an open-source programming platform that is used by developers worldwide. It comes with its set of advantages as it gives them the freedom to design highly customized web applications. PHP development services are the most sought after solutions in the digital market and DRC Systems have been disrupting the market with customized scripting language solutions.

DRC Systems is an offshore PHP development company and we have been offering customized solutions to our clients from all over the world. Our team of professional PHP developers is experienced in using Laravel to develop highly customized solutions and web applications. We are result-oriented and we take pride in understanding your business model to assist you with all your specific requirements. Our PHP MVC framework specialists are highly talented in PHP programming and can provide custom PHP programming services.

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