Shopify, The Ultimate Website Builder

Almost everyone has heard of this term. But what exactly is Shopify? Shopify is an online website builder that helps the sellers set up their stores online and sell the product or services. The sellers can also sell their products and services in person using the Shopify POS service. It is the leading eCommerce platform builder. You can design attractive websites using this platform.

It offers you a huge range of themes. You can customize these themes to meet your custom branding requirements and sell tangible or digital products. The main motto behind this platform is to allow non-tech users to build their online stores. This platform is designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether you sell online products, offline services, or goods, Shopify has got your back.

How Is Shopify Useful For An eCommerce Store?

Shopify has become the most looked out for platform by business owners. People who want to increase their presence online and design an eCommerce website, use this amazing platform. There are numerous reasons for starting a business using Shopify.

Simple Yet Attractive Store

Shopify integrates a variety of attractive templates that improve the digital backbone of your store. It has a single theme, but designers can modify the same with multiple UI and UX elements.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is the key to the success of an eCommerce store. Shopify themes are super responsive and load quicker. On top of that, you can use mobile apps to manage your store.

Security & Reliability

Security and reliability are two benefits of Shopify. Online security deals with the confidential information of the customers. The hosted solution manages both information security and reliability.

Powerful Marketing Tools

The basic version offers a few SEO features and options for advanced eCommerce analytics. Apart from this, the platform offers marketing tools including discount coupon codes, gift cards, targeted marketing, and much more.

POS Software

Shopify is a powerful platform that comes with advanced inventory features. It also offers POS to the customers thereby helping the seller manage all the inventory based on the stock forecasts and purchase orders.

SEO Friendly

Shopify offers a plethora of SEO utilities and options to handle your store effectively. There are several features including removal of duplicate URLs from internal linking architecture, dynamic product listings, and whatnot.

Our Shopify eCommerce Development Services

Custom eCommerce Solutions

Whether it is installation, integration, or personalized configuration, our Shopify experts can help simplify your eCommerce goals to increase your ROI.


Shopify offers customization features that you can integrate with applications. We also offer payment gateway integration for a smoother customer journey.

Custom Theme Development

With a team of experienced UI/UX designers and Shopify certified developers, we have been delivering responsive and interactive Shopify themes.

Maintenance & Support

We offer our sellers, round-the-clock, 24/7 customer support. Our tech support experts are available all the time to resolve any issues and queries.

DRC Systems, A Shopify Development Company

When it comes to building an eCommerce platform, Shopify is the first thing that comes to mind. This website builder comes with its unique set of pros, features, attributes, and templates. There are several reasons why your business should consider designing an online store on Shopify. Our highly skilled team of developers and business strategists leverages Shopify to design attractive yet powerful SEO friendly platforms for your online business.

Being an IT organization, we are the experts in providing Shopify services. We at DRC Systems, provide authentic Shopify solutions to our clients across the planet. Our custom Shopify themes help your online store get more traffic. More traffic bags in more conversions and sales. Uplift your online store with our eCommerce platform solutions with additional features that streamline your business activities and increased customer retention.

If you want to take your business online then DRC Systems is the solution provider!


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