TYPO3, The Web Content Management System

TYPO3 is a content management system that is a web-based application used to create, modify, manage, and publish web content in an organized way. A CMS is often used for controlling and storing content that may include blogs, images, articles, audio files, or posts. It is an open-source WCMS (Web Content Management System) whose rich-features for enterprise content management make it one of the widely used platforms.

TYPO3 offers complete flexibility and comes with a unique set of interfaces, modules, and functionalities. It is an award-winning WCMS that is available for the general public under the GNU General Public License. It is written in PHP and is powered by MySQL as its database. Furthermore, it supports databases including PostgreSQL and is available for all the major operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS.

TYPO3, Taking The Market By A Storm

What makes this WCMS so popular in the digital market? Apart from easy navigation, this open-source platform is quite powerful to manage the content.

Simple To Use & Manage

The technology behind this WCMS not only offers general editing tools but several advanced tools and interfaces for experienced professionals. This platform is user-friendly and anyone can create, edit, and publish the content. Apart from that, editing content is very easy.

Enterprise-Grade Features

TYPO3 offers several premium enterprise-grade features like database abstraction layer, content-specific caching backends, reporting tools, documented serviced-based APIs, interfaces for third-party system integration, digital asset manager, and interface for scheduled tasks.

Availability For Several Modules

TYPO3 is available for several modules including blogs, eCommerce, AJAX, newsletters, statistics, online transactions, SEO, discussion forums, customer registrations, online picture galleries, video presentations, and much more.

Content Management At Granular Level

One more powerful advantage of this CMS is its ability to create multiple and independent types of content for every page. You can create regular blogs, forms, captions, descriptions, file links, and multimedia.

What Makes TYPO3 Distinct?

TYPO3 helps your IT and marketing teams with the required approach to connect with your target customers with powerful content. It is a widely used open-source web content management system that is beneficial and comes with a unique set of features.

Open Architecture

The repository handles a database of multiple extensions for TYPO3. You can download and install the required extensions from the repository anytime. Create custom extensions and upload them to the repository.

Rich features

TYPO3 comes with a dedicated extension development wizard that allows the developer to create a customized structure and framework for the application. This tool supports complete extension development.

Powerful Configuration & Multi Installations

TYPO3 offers 'Typoscript'. This scripting language is used to customize the templates to develop an application. It has a built-in provision that deploys multiple domains to a single app.

Our Custom Extensions

We at DRC systems have developed our own Typo3 Extensions to give you better customization options with improved performance. With these extensions integrated into your TYPO3 content management system can bring marvelous results.

Currency Exchange Rate

It calculates the latest exchange rate according to the base currency configured by the administrator.

TYPO3 Data Synchronization

NuSoap is a web service that is used for the synchronization process. This is a backend extension.


This extension is for adding, editing, and publishing news. News can be displayed as a frontend teaser, article list, or single news view.

Google Custom Search

This extension searches the result from Google and displays the same on your website.

Visited Page Tracking

It tracks the last five visited pages using which, a user can directly jump on frequently visited pages.

Country Tracking

Country Tracking extension tracks the geolocation of customers visiting the websites.

Why DRC Systems For Custom TYPO3 Requirements?

DRC Systems is a TYPO3 development company and our TYPO3 developers are result-oriented in developing custom applications. We have been serving our clients across the globe and have explored every domain in the tech market. We have years of experience in extension development, migrating your website to TYPO3 or customized open-source template development.

Here is why our clients love us:

Affordable Pricing Options

  • We offer you the best value for your buck. Our pricing options are quite affordable as we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our clients. We offer TYPO3 development according to your requirements and also make sure that the quality work milestone is delivered before the deadline.

Dedicated Pool Of Talent

  • Our TYPO3 development team makes sure to develop the product according to your custom requirements. After the product is developed, our testing team tests the product under a pressurized environment to check for loopholes. We have some of the best developers and testers who take pride in doing what they love.


  • We offer you continuous support as and when required. We truly believe in making our customers satisfied and keep up with that satisfaction with our tech support.

An excellent content management system will take care of all the issues and help you get more traction on your website and building websites leveraging TYPO3 is beneficial as the platform comes with added features.

We’d love to handle your TYPO3 requirements!


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