The Future Of Magento In 2022

March 3, 2022

Impact Of Magento

Magento has created a massive impact on the eCommerce industry in the past few years. With its increasing popularity, it has become one of the widely used eCommerce platforms in the market. Apart from that, it has become a popular choice among developers and merchants.

Fast forward to today, Magento has delivered unique experiences to the users. This amazing eCommerce platform offers highly functional tools and approaches such as cross-sells and upsells that encourage the customers to make purchases on the websites. This increases the revenue and sales. The merchants experience even better revenue uplift. Adobe’s acquisition of Magento offers an improved shopping experience and a huge boost in conversions.

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the popular eCommerce platform and highlight everything including the issues, downsides, success and future of Magento in 2022.

Without further ado, let’s start with the shortcomings first!

Issues and Concerns Related To Magento

Turning Into A Paid Product

Since Adobe’s acquisition, the payment structure of Magento has completely changed. There has been a commotion about Adobe transforming the Magento platform into a paid platform.

Magento is turning into a paid product and if that happens, businesses will have to spend money to avail the features of this eCommerce platform. However, Magento is still an open-source eCommerce platform and anyone can use it for free.

Increasing Competition

Magento was the second-largest eCommerce platform in 2017. But with increasing competition, Magento lost to Shopify. And as a result, a large number of users are switching to Shopify.

Even after a tough competition, Magento is quite the unrivaled platform when it comes to customization. On the other hand, Shopify is lagging in this aspect. Magento should focus more on making the existing functionalities easier to implement for thriving in the competitive marketplace.

Security Concerns

Security has been a significant concern for the Magento eCommerce platform for the past years. Several Magento eCommerce site owners have been facing several security concerns. Over 5000+ websites faced over 80% high-risk cyber attacks. Most of the Magento websites are outdated and security concerns are a big challenge for the time being.

Despite these issues and concerns, Magento has evolved into a new platform with improved security. This huge leap speaks volumes about the success of Magento.

The Huge Leap Towards Success

Despite all the changes, Magento is getting popular and is attracting modern web developers. It is already competing against several eCommerce platforms because of its unique features and advantages. It is time to discover the future of Magento in 2022.

Ease Of Customization

Magento offers a plethora of underlying features that adapt in real-time. Additionally, this platform also provides its users with several tools for customization including an admin pattern library, Magento UI components, and Magento black themes. These tools enable the developers to create designs suitable for specific requirements without any hassle.

Super Flexible Environment

Because of its open-source environment, Magento offers high flexibility to the customers to freely customize their websites. They can even change all the elements to meet their specific requirements. This highly flexible environment will revolutionize the future of Magento.

High Performance

Magento websites offer a high performance regarding the page load time, static or dynamic operation, query processing time as it makes the most out of optimized databases and modern technologies to meet the requirements.

With a plethora of built-in SEO-friendly features such as Google Site Maps, Meta-data for the products, and other unique elements, Magento is increasingly powerful than ever.

User Friendly

Industry 4.0 is continuously connecting modern businesses with the latest technologies including IoT, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and whatnot!

Besides the benefits and dynamic features, there are difficulties in adapting and using complex technologies. An alluring website design encourages users and prospects to visit your website.

It is the design that decides whether customers will stay or click the back button on your website. Magento confidently claims to be 100% user-friendly and allows you to customize your eCommerce portal to offer what your customers need.

Market Growth

Magento has seen exponential growth in its market since 2018. The market share of Magento speaks of the 199868 websites that are current Magento customers. This is just a small number and with the increasing popularity in terms of features, flexibility, security, extensions, community and more, this platform will soon own a large portion of the market.

With its acquisition by Adobe, Magento is getting revamped with improvements to fight the competitors such as Shopify, BigCommerce and other popular eCommerce platforms.

Improved Security

Security has always been a major concern for all platforms. Magento has strengthened its security to assure the users about the security concerns. Magento 2.1 allows the users to apply the mask to limit access. With the X-frame Options HTTP request header, Magento prevents clickjacking attacks.

The inclusion of new features has radically upgraded the security of the platform. According to a study, more than 80% of Magento 1 websites were vulnerable to online attacks. Nevertheless, the percentage of vulnerable websites drops sharply with the Magento 2 update.

Magento developers are dedicated to fixing all the security flaws through regular updates. As the developers continuously work on improving the security of this eCommerce platform, there will be a significant improvement in 2022.

Success Of Magento

Progressive Web Applications

The Magento and Adobe merger has opened new ways for Magento to reach a new level in the future both in terms of popularity and security. The incorporation of Progressive Web Apps into eCommerce portals offers a fast, responsive and secure shopping experience.

PWA websites and portals work online and offline just like native applications on a handset. This offers a unique app-like experience and enables the retailers to grow their stores.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has completely transformed the way customers interact with websites. AI offers a smooth journey and tracks the activities performed by the customers on the eCommerce portals.

The Google Duplex is an AI-enabled digital assistance tool that streamlines the orders and lists with the Amazon Dash button. This enables customers to make recurring purchases without requiring a reordering service.

Fully automated AI customer service has completely transformed into an easy and impressive process. It offers a hassle-free experience and is efficient as well. Smart AI solutions such as smart-voice input systems and voice-search improve customer engagement. These solutions reduce the turnaround time and provide quick responses to customer queries.

Advanced Product Information Management

In October 2018, Magento partnered with Akeneo which specializes in open-source Product Information management (PIM). Before the partnership, the PIM features were limited in Magento.

But now, PIM can be incorporated in a better way. You can unify the product data across ERP, CMS and Magento. This unification streamlines approval workflows and the product creation process. As a result, this unification saves tons of hours and leads to fast time-to-market. Apart from that, increased revenue and sales benefit the businesses massively.

Futuristic Voice Input

Voice command and smart input systems have become popular among eCommerce users and modern customers. Smart speakers are gaining popularity with voice commerce in the market. The market will witness a revolution in smart speakers and voice input systems as many sellers and retailers are introducing voice features to their eCommerce websites for smooth operations.

This, as a result, is offering a hassle-free journey to the customers. The incorporation of voice search in Magento-powered websites results in a better customer experience with increased ROI.

Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce is another futuristic Magento trend that is expected to grow in 2022. Headless eCommerce is gaining popularity as it bridges the gap between the dealers and customers. It is a paradigm shift from a monolithic architecture to a completely headless system.

These dynamic systems offer freedom of expression to business owners. It is a better way to offer better experiences to customers as per their specific needs.


Just like every other platform, Magento has seen several ups and downs. Despite being challenged by Shopify and other players in the market, Magento stands tall and has a strong future. Adobe’s acquisition of Magento has improved the brand image of the latter and given it a massive boost. Apart from that, regular patches and updates are making it secure and popular. According to the market study and research, Magento will gain popularity and improve the user base in 2022.

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