eLearning, The Unique Helix Of Training Industry

Saves Time & Offers Flexibility

With online learning modules, your students and learners can access the study material anytime. They need not take time out of their jobs or other work to attend online classes. Apart from that, these learning modules are easy to navigate and save companies a substantial amount of both learners and instructors.

Better Learner Retention

Modern learners love short and interactive content. eLearning tools and platforms enable designers to design creative and interactive content. The more engaging the content is, the better impact it has on the learners. This way, the learners can enjoy the content.


Online learning platform incorporates consistent and standard training every time. Every learner goes through the same experience anytime and at any place.


Online training is scalable, and the learners can take it as many times as they want. Being a one-time investment, your organization can roll it out to multiple employees and communities.

Highly Customizable

Every learner has a unique preference and personal goals. eLearning solutions make this possible to cater to individual requirements. This enables them to decide what to learn first and design their learning curve.

Our Specialty In eLearning Platform Development

We are the official partners of Open edX® and we deliver customized platform development services that are tailored to your requirements. DRC Systems is a result-oriented platform development organization that provides your company with quality services. Our team of experienced specialists offers you custom solutions to improve your workflow and better train your employees.


MOOC is changing the shape of online learning thereby acting as an interface between instructors and learners. Massive Open Online Course helps businesses in different ways. MOOC is a learning management system that helps the employees and learners gain proficiency and knowledge to shine out in the market. These dynamic courses are changing the future of online education.

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Open edX

Open edX project offers top-notch learning courses from the world's best universities, coaches, and institutions. It is the only leading MOOC provider that is both open-source and a nonprofit. Open edX community aims to change the way learners interact with the instructors. Apart from being the biggest provider of MOOC courses, it offers high-quality education to everyone.

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Why DRC Systems For Your eLearning Requirements?

We at DRC Systems design custom eLearning solutions and customized LMS development services to boost your business. We specialize in developing customized online learning platforms based on the current market trends and visual designs that create a huge impact. Our experienced visual designers and strategists create animations, scenarios, themes, environments, and much more. We take pride in keeping the learners engaged with unique learning management systems.

With several hours of custom eLearning development, lots of brainstorming events, and strategy devising, DRC Systems is the partner you are looking for! We’d love to understand your business model and keep you in the loop for constant feedback on the discussion to deliver the most appropriate learning solutions.

Want to penetrate the online education sector? DRC Systems would love to help you!


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