Check out the best AI apps for Android in 2023: Top AI Apps

August 10, 2023

Every day you wake up, you sip the latest update of mobile applications along with your brewed espresso. The market of Android and IOS applications is getting wider with each day passing by. It’s skyrocketing at a great pace.

According to the research done by Buildfire, there are 6.3 billion smartphone users all over the world, so it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is growing vigorously.

There are 2.87 million apps accessible to be downloaded on the Google Play Store. 21% of Millennials use an app 50+ times per day. 49% of people interact with an app 11+ times each day. 70% of all US digital media time reaches from mobile apps.

So, by now you must have known our dusk and down revolves around apps!

But, do you know what are we here to discuss? It’s the magic of AI in Android Apps. AI itself is in the public eye of the world these days. Isn’t it exciting to know how AI is performing in Android applications?

Well, we are pretty excited to help you with all the big-time examples of the Best AI apps for Android. Let’s get started with it:

Top 11 AI Apps for Android you can’t Miss in 2023

Let’s begin learning in detail about these AI Apps for Android in detail to witness their surprising features:

1. Google Assistant

It’s a virtual assistant software application invented by Google that is primarily available on mobile and home automation devices. Google Assistant allows voice-forward control of Android apps.

With the help of Google Assistant, users can launch apps, perform their tasks, access information through search engines, and do a lot more stuff just with the help of their voice by saying things like, “Hey Google, start a run on Example App.”

Key Features of Google Assistant AI App:

  • Google Assistant Supports continued conversation, allowing users to ask follow-up questions or give multiple commands without repeating
  • It seamlessly integrates with various Google services, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Photos, and Google Keep. This allows users to access their emails, schedule appointments, navigate, view and share photos, and create notes using voice commands.
  • Google Assistant integrates with a wide range of third-party applications and services, allowing users to interact with their favorite applications using voice commands. This includes services like Uber, Spotify, Netflix, and many more.

2. Replika

When it comes to AI, limitations have nothing to do with it! AI can be a game changer; a ruthless competitor, but also it can be your companion. Replika, an AI chatbot or we can say a virtual AI friend is a popular example of it.

You can actually have a conversation with Replica on various topics and it feels absolutely humanlike, what can be better than this?

Key Features of Replika AI App:

  • Replika strives to develop a personalized relationship with users by learning from their conversations. It remembers user preferences, interests, and past interactions to provide more tailored responses and suggestions.
  • One of the primary goals of this AI app is to offer emotional support and act as a companion to users. It provides a non-judgemental and empathetic presence, allowing users to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.
  • Replika assists users in setting personal goals and encourages them to reflect on their progress. It can provide reminders, track achievements, and offer encouragement to help users stay motivated and focused.

3. Netflix

This AI application for Andriod does not need any introduction, you might have signed off after binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S before you binge reading our article!

Well, talking about this AI app, almost everyone around you is caught up in using this application.

Netflix is one of the world’s most prominent streaming services, with artificial intelligence playing a significant part in its success. Customers can discover stuff they might have missed otherwise by using Netflix’s robust recommendation algorithm, which matches recommendations based on viewing history, ratings, and other preferences.

This is just one of the exemplary features we are talking about, let’s learn about more such features below:

Key Features of Netflix AI App:

  • Netflix allows users to create separate profiles within a single account. This feature enables different members of a household to have personalized experiences, with their own viewing history, recommendations, and watchlist.
  • It also allows users to stream content on multiple devices simultaneously, depending on the subscription plan. This feature enables family members or friends to enjoy different shows or movies on their respective devices without interfering with each other’s viewing experience.
  • This AI app for Android also provides parental control settings, allowing parents to restrict access to certain content based on age ratings. This feature helps ensure that younger viewers are exposed to appropriate content.

4. FaceApp

When it comes to editing and enhancing the beauty of your pictures, FaceApp is one of the most chosen AI editing applications for Android. Think of any beauty filter and this one of the top AI editing apps for Android helps you with the best results, that you might have not expected and experienced otherwise.

Key Features of FaceApp AI App:

  • One of the most well-known features of FaceApp is its ability to simulate the aging process on a person’s face. It can make someone appear younger or older by applying various effects, such as adding wrinkles, gray hair, or smoothing out the skin.
  • This AI tool can transform the appearance of a person’s face to make them look like a different gender. This feature adjusts various facial features like jawline, hair, and makeup to create a male or female version of the person in the photo.
  • FaceApp offers makeup filters that allow you to virtually apply different styles of makeup, including lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliner. These filters can enhance or change the appearance of the subject’s face.
  • This feature in FaceApp can add a smile to a person’s face even if they weren’t smiling in the original photo. It uses AI algorithms to generate a natural-looking smile and adjust the facial features accordingly.


ELSA is an AI app with personalized English language lessons, this is one of the top AI apps for Android when it comes to learning English from scratch. Right from improving pronunciation skills to fluent speech, you will be properly assisted through this one of the best Android apps.

Your progress is tracked, improvements over time are analyzed, etc., through artificial intelligence. Based on this data, ELSA generates a progress report for every learner.

Key Features of ELSA AI App:

  • ELSA AI app offers a wide range of pronunciation exercises to help learners improve their spoken English. Users can practice individual sounds, words, phrases, and sentences.
  • The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze users’ pronunciation and provide instant feedback. ELSA’s AI can pinpoint specific areas where the user may be struggling with pronunciation and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • ELSA tailors lessons and exercises based on the user’s proficiency level, providing a customized learning experience.
  • ELSA uses gamification elements to keep learners engaged and motivated. Users can earn points and rewards as they complete lessons and improve their pronunciation.
  • The app allows users to track their progress over time, providing insights into their pronunciation development and proficiency growth.

6. Swiftkey Keyboard

Microsoft SwiftKey is designed to enhance the ease and accuracy of your typing, no matter how (or what) you type! This application uses advanced error correction to make grammar and spelling errors a thing of the past. This application also anticipates what you are going to write next with the help of Artificial intelligence so you won’t need to press more than two letters!

Key Features of Swiftkey Keyboard AI App:

  • The app remembers your copied text and allows you to access it from the keyboard, making it convenient to paste frequently used phrases or information.
  • SwiftKey can predict the most relevant emojis based on the words you type, making it easier to express yourself with emojis.
  • SwiftKey uses advanced artificial intelligence to predict the next word or phrase you’re likely to type, making typing faster and more efficient.
  • The app learns from your typing habits and can adapt to your writing style over time, offering more accurate predictions and autocorrections.
  • SwiftKey supports multiple languages simultaneously, allowing you to switch between languages effortlessly while typing.
  • SwiftKey offers various keyboard layouts, including QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, and more, to accommodate different language and regional preferences.

7. Socratic

It is a learning application, which is a useful tool for students. It was developed by Google, and it is appropriate for high school and university students. Socratic is a popular education application, that helps students in many subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, History, and Literature.

The application is powered by text and speech recognition, which enables the users to easily find resources or lessons to learn from. The student can simply take a picture of the question and upload it, the app will find all the tutorials, and lessons related to the question. The app gathers information from multiple resources.

Key Features of Socratic AI app:

  • It is free to use.
  • Available for Android and iPhone both.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • The downloads are 10 million plus and have 4.7-star reviews.

8. Amazon Alexa

Another virtual assistant app was developed by, to connect with Amazon smart speakers, echo dot, echo studio, and Amazon tap speakers. It is a simple-to-use app, the user just needs to give voice commands and it performs the search and responds appropriately. It performs various tasks like playing music, providing the latest news, and weather updates, playing audiobooks, set up reminders and alarms. It is also useful in home automation with the help of IoT.

Key Features of Amazon Alexa AI app:

  • It supports Android and ios both.
  • Available for everyone to use.
  • It has crossed 100 million downloads and is rated 4.3 in Google Play.
  • It supports multi-language like Italian, German, English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Hindi.

9. Data Bot

It works as a personal assistant for the user. It provides answers to all your queries using Google search, Wikipedia, and other mediums.

Key Features of Data Bot AI app:

  • It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It can be customized according to the user’s preferences.

10. Siftr Magic

It is a junk cleaner AI-powered app. It helps clean the gallery of your mobile. It searches the phone and finds repetitive and unclear images, which can be deleted to clear the storage space on the phone.

Key Features of Siftr Magic AI app:

  • It works well with other apps too such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Telegram, and Hike.
  • It organizes the pictures into various categories.
  • Supports multiple languages.

11. Cortana

Another virtual assistant developed by Microsoft, using AI. Users can perform all the similar tasks to google assistant with the help of Cortana.

Key Features of Cortana AI app:

  • It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Set reminders and alarms
  • Schedule meetings and calls

The power of Artificial Intelligence in combination with other technologies like Machine learning, speech recognition, natural language generation, and automation has transformed the mobile application. AI lets you create innovative, complex, responsive, and intelligent applications. The benefits of AI-based applications are enormous for a business.

Advantages of using AI in Mobile App Development

1. Automates daily operations

With the use of AI, repetitive tasks can be automated saving resources and time.

2. Customize and enhance user experience

AI improves the user experience by providing customized solutions by their preference. The AI-enabled analysis gives a better understanding of the user.

3. Performs complex operations

AI is a powerful tool that simplifies complex tasks.

4. Efficient and high-performance

The performance of apps is improved because of voice and image recognition.

5. Effective communication

With the help of chatbots, there is constant interaction between the user and the app. AI enables chatbots to have effective communication.

6. Better secure apps

The features such as face recognition make the application more secure.

Summing Up

Unleashing the power of AI apps for business can help you grow your business. If you are looking for an innovative and experienced application development company, DRC Systems is the company you are looking for. Connect with us to hire Android developers who would help you in building your AI-based application for your company.


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