eLearning Trends Of 2021

February 1, 2021

eLearning is all about the online learning systems that customers obtain through the Internet using electronic devices. With easy to navigate and quick deliverables, it is taking on the education industry with a storm. The analysis shows that the eLearning market size has already surpassed the USD 200 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow exponentially over 8% CAGR by 2026. With the advent of the latest updates in technologies, such as IoT, Cloud computing, automation, eLearning is penetrating the market and is driving tremendous growth. Quick and easy Cloud adoption offers flexibility in content storage, sharing, and rapid access to both learners and tutors.

Why eLearning Trends Are Disrupting The Industry

The modern online eLearning trends offer fantastic features that cater to modern learners and businesses. The increasing popularity is making eLearning a disruptor in the modern market. Here are the top 10 pros of eLearning.

  • eLearning Saves Money & Time
  • eLearning Increases Retention
  • eLearning Improves Consistency
  • eLearning Is Quite Scalable
  • eLearning Offers Customization & Personalization
  • eLearning Offers Access To Updated Content
  • eLearning Extends Quick Delivery
  • eLearning Proposes Self Paced Learning
  • eLearning Helps In Real-Time Performance Tracking
  • eLearning Helps In Upskilling

Latest eLearning Trends

With the pandemic taking control over the world, several organizations are implementing innovative strategies to train their employees and run their businesses effectively to cope up with the challenges with business disruption. So how exactly are the organizations gearing up for upskilling their employees and improving their businesses? Let’s take a look at some key eLearning trends that are transforming the landscape.

Artificial Intelligence

Surveys indicate that AI continues to grow to be the top trend in the tech space. It is helping people to get access to content and assistance. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important eLearning trends and is increasingly being used to automate several monotonous operations that were handled manually a few years ago. AI is enabling enterprises to focus more on tasks and activities that require high-order thinking skills. AI is automating the most complex processes and is streamlining process-based automation. It will personalize the online interpretation of data, transform the online learning experience, and help the businesses in making better recommendations.

Learning Analytics

Big Data acquires quantitative methods in education through learning analytics. Many businesses, enterprises, governments, universities, learning institutions and organizations, and almost all the MOOC providers are gathering data about the learners and customers, and their learning behavior. Learning Analytics is another vital eLearning trend to gather intelligence about learners as eLearning is being used as a strong pillar in the digital medium. Coupled with Big Data and in-depth research, businesses are leveraging learning analytics to get vital data.

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a type of customized learning as it provides the modules and learning courses strictly based on the learners’ choices. To help the learners get access to the learning content of their choice, learning paths are used along with the pre-assessments or training material based on their previous choices. Personalized or customized learning will continue to be one of the eLearning trends in 2021 for years to come. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, assessment engines, analytics, Big Data, and other useful tools, personalized learning is becoming the most sought after eLearning trend of the L&D teams.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is one vital technique for providing personalized learning. This eLearning trend aims to provide effective and adaptive learning paths to engage every learning. This type of eLearning takes into account algorithms, competency mapping, and confidence-based assessments. It also offers the flexibility to schedule learning paths. Employees usually perceive this eLearning as a form of opportunity for upskilling and not just a task to be finished.

Learning Experience Platforms

LXPs or Learning Experience Platforms are another important eLearning trends to help the employees scale the market. The main objective of Learning Experience Platforms is to provide the learners an environment where exchanging the subject expertise is easy and quite open. These experience platforms are generally seen as better alternatives to the traditional learning management systems that are administrator-driven and come with a few limitations and restrictions to the learners.

Microlearning Platforms

Microlearning platforms have grown in the past few years and are strong tools of eLearning trends. These unique platforms provide learners with bite-size content for online learning. Several microlearning platforms aim to help the learners improve their skills effectively and quickly. Some of these microlearning platforms use assessment as the main approach, other platforms use gamification to improve the courses and make learning more interactive and fun.

Remote Classes

Remote training sessions are more flexible and effective as compared to the traditional classroom sessions with live interactions and an efficient learning environment. The learners can also get access to ready-to-use features, polls, and real-time quizzes. Virtual training offers the element of quick feedback and transparent communication that is spread across different geographies.


Microlearning has been one of the top trends in the past few years and continues to be a part of the learning strategy for every organization. This type of eLearning specifically focuses on certain objectives and primary training journeys. Microlearning is often seen as one of the primary learning modes of eLearning trends that deliver the courses just before a complete virtual training session. The best part about this eLearning is the flexibility to be created and adjusted in different formats to meet specific needs.

Gamification & Game-Based Learning

Gamification is one of the important eLearning trends that continues to hold the attention of the learning and development teams to provide the right type of training. It offers interactive and features like content unlocking, time quizzes, instant feedback, and whatnot! Learners and employees experience that sense of learning something new differently. Gamification is helping enterprises create engaging, immersive, and interactive learning experiences.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is yet another important element of the latest eLearning trends. With tons of training modes, such as working in a hazardous environment, or flying an aircraft, virtual reality offers the simulation and environment to lean on. Virtual Reality is fun, interactive, and immersive too. Today anyone can experience VR across different platforms. Based on the adoption of good use cases, the usage of VR continues to grow in 2021. There is a bright future of eLearning with VR.

Continuous Learning Journeys

The continuous learning journey is a new concept of the eLearning trends wherein the employees learn continuously to retain the knowledge imparted during the formal training sessions. The main focus is to eliminate the ‘Forgetting Curve’. Continuous learning journey can start right from the time when a learner joins an organization to when a new product is launched. Microlearning platforms help to implement continuous learning journeys easy for the learners.

Video-Based Learning

Video-based learning strategy is one of the highly preferred approaches to communicate crucial messages to employees and learners. Video-based learning is helpful when it comes to raising awareness of the organization process or educating the employees about the crucial aspects of their work and responsibilities. Whether it is a new product launch or a newly designed process, video-based content is serving a variety of needs.

Social & Collaborative Learning

Social learning has gained tremendous attention from business enterprises. Collaborative learning is all about the collaboration between individuals in the same workplace. It includes cost-effective methods such as informal chat sessions, learning sessions, team activities, and sharing sessions. This type of training is transparent and helps the learners to overcome the fear of learning new things.

Smart Content

Many enterprises know that their knowledge bases and the Internet have a huge repository for content and information. To have the required information and necessary content, most enterprises are adopting smart content curation techniques to build their knowledge gaps. Smart content curation is conducted smartly. This eLearning trend is helping to find the right content for learners and employees.

Final Verdict

Down the road, eLearning trends are disrupting the industry with innovative approaches and flexible features. Getting your content on different eLearning platforms and delivering customized MOOC courses to feed your business is something that we deal in. DRC Systems is an official partner of Open edX® and our MOOC experts are competent enough to deliver the exact courses to help your business. We conduct an in-depth market analysis and design customized MOOCs according to your business requirements. eLearning is changing the face of education. Get more learners by fusing these eLearning trends with your business. Wave GOODBYE to those books and say Hello to the latest eLearning trends of 2021.


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