How an LMS can Promote Business Agility in the Age of Covid-19?

May 5, 2021

Business agility, the ability of a business to quickly adapt to sudden changes in the marketplace. Increasing business agility is not a simple task. Business leaders and professionals are always trying to leverage a learning management system that can easily streamline the business operations and make it more agile. Agile business sounds powerful and adaptive. But what does it actually mean? What does it look like to have an agile business? Let us learn what agile business means and how a correct learning management system can help to promote your business during the pandemic.

Understanding Business Agility

Business agility of an enterprise or an organization is defined as the ability of the business to quickly adapt to the changes in the market both internally and externally. An agile business can quickly respond to the flexible demands of the customers. It helps the organization to attain competitive advantages. It is concerned with the adoption of creativity, values, attributes, and capabilities at the core of the business. These attributes help businesses and individuals to be more resilient when dealing with uncertainty which leads to improved outcomes.

An agile business is a business that embraces changes and the agile philosophy and mission values at its core right from the technology and people to the structure and environment. In short, an agile business is more customer-centric. It quickly addresses the opportunities and threats that are found in the internal and external architecture of a business.

The unique framework of a learning management system houses the required elements that make any organization completely agile. Project management activities, business operations, and other core tasks are an important part of the agile business. On top of that, agile businesses also require agile strategies and an agile approach to handle the changing scenarios in the marketplace.

Agile learning comes with several benefits. Let’s check out some advantages of an agile learning management system in a corporate marketplace.

Benefits Of An Agile Learning Management System

  • Promotes collaboration by bringing the stakeholders together very early in the process so they can discuss the project in detail. This leads to a better understanding of the projects and prevents misunderstandings at an early stage.
  • It opens new opportunities for regular feedback by producing course fragments that the stakeholders can easily use and provide feedback.
  • Opens tons of opportunities for regular feedback by producing course chunks that stakeholders can use.
  • Constant testing is an important element of an agile learning management system and this increases functionality, performance and makes it easier to correct the segments that do not work.
  • An agile LMS is the backbone of deploying agile eLearning in your organization to ensure that you launch competitive courses.
  • Easily deploy agile eLearning for your employees and customers.

Ways In Which An LMS Can Increase Business Agility During The Pandemic

Increasing business agility during a pandemic is not a simple process, but organizational leaders can improve business agility by leveraging a learning management system (LMS) in their open learning courses. Here are a few features of an agile LMS that can promote business agility during COVID-19.

LMS Integrations

Incorporating a learning management system flawlessly integrates with other systems like talent management and association management portals. This enables your L&D teams to supplement the learners’ data with course completion data.

Data Management & Tracking

Data management and tracking allow your L&D teams to better design and track their learning management systems. This further allows them to better track and design their learning programs. Additionally, this feature also allows your organization to recognize where your learners need to build their skills.

Unique Learning Experience

An agile LMS offers content based on learners’ history within the software. Different learners from different departments find relevant training material depending on their role. Adaptive assessments and quizzes reflect the learners’ performance through the course and this offers a unique learning experience. Personalized LMS depending on learning preferences increases their investment and interest levels in the courseware.

Offline Trackers

Learning professionals find it difficult to track and manage the learning data for roles that involve technical and manual activities. An agile learning management system offers the professionals to capture the offline assessment and performance. Your L&D professionals can easily introduce electronic record creation with the ability to easily edit and personalize the assessment checklists that better suit specific capabilities.

Automated Notifications

To ensure that the trainers are aware of how their learners engage and complete the learning courses, automated notifications and alerts are a few big shots an agile LMS offers. By sending automated alerts to the learners about their training deadlines and course completion rates, an agile learning management system provides feedback to the right people at the right time.

Centralized Learning

An agile LMS is not just for eLearning but is also capable of offering slide decks, written instructions, gamified elements, training videos, and other learning materials in a friendly manner. Centralized learning keeps the L&D professionals well organized and helps them in preparing content that engages the learners in the right way.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

An agile learning management system offers advanced analytics and flexible reporting that align with your eLearning objectives. The learners’ data and reports help your L&D teams to identify the learning patterns to curate the perfect learning programs and course content. This is quite important for businesses who want to remain compliant with the regulations.

Create New Training Course Quickly

It is a necessity for businesses to create and upload open learning training courses for their employees. The regulations and standards are changing quickly and enterprises want their workers to have the information and skills needed to remain compliant with the new regulations. Quickly creating content is one of the ways by which an LMS can promote business agility.

Implement Agile Learning Practices

Agile practices are booming as the technology becomes surprisingly sophisticated. Agile learning practices help businesses to respond efficiently to the changing needs of the participants and learners. A powerful learning management system successfully delivers what the customers want. Apart from managing the customers’ requirements, an LMS also allows the professionals and instructors to create remote training courses that are centered on agile practices.


An agile LMS can help increase business agility by offering the right set of tools needed to effectively manage their employees. LMS tools such as web conferencing, discussion groups, forums, online communities, and agile training practices promote business agility.

To get better business cases for your organization and to get higher ROI, it is very important to outsource your requirements to an expert LMS vendor. Increasing business agility is not an overnight process but introducing a few tactics in the learning management system speeds up the process.

Boost up your business agility by creating open learning courses for your employees and offer them Agile and Lean courses. Contact us to know more and improve your business during the pandemic.


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