Importance Of UI/UX

March 15, 2021

With the advent of technological advancements in the 21st century, every business wants to invest in the best technology and experience the best without exhausting their valuable time and resources. The more quickly and efficiently a website of a mobile application responds, the successful are the outcomes. It is all about how you welcome and treat your digital customers. When it comes to mobile applications or websites, most companies turn towards User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designs and elements.

However, most of the time people get confused between UI and UX. Fret not! We are here to decipher the concept of UI and UX. There are several million mobile applications in the app store and this number is increasing every day. Some of these applications are striving while some are thriving. This difference is due to the designs, themes, and elements that change the visuals of the applications that are successful in user acquisition. Many users look for applications that are appealing as they feel that unique experience while using them.

An engaging and visually appealing application is the result of a great User Interface (UI). The weight of an application or website depends on the amount of emphasis on the UI/UX designs and elements. A great User Interface (UI) creates an instant attraction to your application and this delivers a unique User Experience (UX) on users’ minds. User Interface and User Experience are two frequently mixed-up terms in business technology and you should get them both right. Our designers know how to incorporate a complete balance of UI and UX so that the elements go easy on your graphical user interface (GUI). No less and no more!

So, what exactly is User Interface (UI)?

User Interface is the design counterpart to User Experience (UX). If users or customers do not like the visual appearance of your website at first glance, you might never win them back. We keep an eye out so your users understand and love what you offer to them. Our designers and UI experts blend in all the required elements, liquid 3D animation, dark mode, advanced visuals, seamless transitions, and visual touches to keep your website or application modern. Apart from this, the correct mixture of UI elements helps your website or application stay modern.

UI – It is all about appearance!

What Is UI Design?

The User Interface is the process of presentation of improving the interactivity of the website of the mobile application. Here, the main focus is on the look and feel of the application and the way it interacts with the users. Each page, login buttons, search bars, screen, visuals, effects and elements that you see while using an application, all fall under the User Interface (UI) of that application. In short, the application that you see or the website that you visit, the navigation, buttons, screen, and visuals are a part of the User Interface.

UX – It is all about the experience!

What is UX Design?

User Experience Design (UXD) is the procedure of improving the overall experience of the users when they interact with the website or the mobile application. User Experience Design keeps in mind the mentality of the customers and this sets the level of customer satisfaction. It mainly focuses on wireframing the application and structuring the elements and components to create a streamlined user flow that offers a wonderful experience to the users.

How Important Is UI/UX?

Designing an effective UI is crucial for the developers and is always a priority for every application owner. This demands thorough research and prior planning to understand the problem of the users and their requirements. Having the perfect combination of UI and UX is great for your customers.

Increases Customer Satisfaction & Improves ROI

A unique design offers your customers engaging content and smooth navigation between different pages and screens. This improves customer satisfaction and satisfied customers always recommend great applications to others. This increases customer acquisition. Loyal customers become returning buyers and this automatically increases the ROI for your business.

Helps You Know Your Audience

Before starting up with software development, you need to know your clients. Apart from knowing your clients, you also need to understand their business models, business needs in detail. You need to design something keeping in mind your target audience. Additionally, UI/UX fragments your audiences into classes so you can effectively understand the requirements of a particular audience segment. Understanding the mentality of your audience is extremely crucial to converting the prospects into loyal customers which in turn increases your sales.

Builds & Improves Your Brand

Investing in an effective UI/UX design helps in increasing customer satisfaction. Understanding the audience will help you improve your brand and as a result, you can work on improving the areas that need attention. This drastically increases the credibility of your application. As a result, this increases the value of your business and improves your brand image in the market.

Saves Time & Money

Incorporating a great UI/UX design mix helps you eliminate the chances of your clients finding any issues with your application. A good product with excellent UI/UX design needs no frequent upgrades. As a result, this saves time and money that can be efficiently utilised to improve different areas.

Components That Determine The UI/UX Design

UI and UX designs help to win the confidence of the customers as they keep coming back for better and immersive experiences, time and again. The number of customers that you get on your website and application effectively measures the success of your UI/UX designs that you incorporated. UI/UX designs can break a brand or improve brand recognition. These are the vital components that determine the effectiveness of UI/UX design.

Information Architecture

Also known as IA, Information Architecture deals with satisfying the business strategies by designing the structure of the application. The major role of information architecture is to provide its users with easy navigation across every browser. It is about using all the permutations and combinations and provide the best navigation possible.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design is the conceptual design with which the users interact with the software, website, or application. This interaction design may include different elements such as fonts, color, icons, images, motion, infographics, sound, and aesthetics.


Usability can be referred to as the level of user-friendliness an application offers. Usability marks the threshold point of the application that is user-friendly. Is the app easy to navigate? Does it have any errors? Usability comprehends different ways to handle and solve issues.


Wireframing is all about creating a test sample of the application to test the features, visuals, look, feel and usability of the application before it is launched. This approach gives the designer the perfect way to incorporate page elements, visuals, design and other page components. Wireframing is the best way to evaluate the functionality of the website or the application and check if it serves its purpose and attracts more customers.

Visual & Designs

The visuals and designs of the website or the application define the brand of the company. These important elements generally resonate with the brand and theme of the organization. The color combination, theme, visuals, infographics, sound, 3D animation and other elements play a vital role in the UI design and may affect the users’ behavior in different ways. Visuals and design is an important approach that not only helps the designed to select the best images, color combination, fonts, graphics but also identifies the appearance of the application. This has a great impact on user interaction.

Final Verdict

In 2021, the UI trends are a comprehensive amalgam of futuristic dark mode, abstract 3D objects, advanced visuals, powerful themes, smooth liquid animation, customized search elements. All the SMEs and large organizations are vying to incorporate these trends to create an engaging and immersive UX.

On the other hand, incorporating these elements can slow down your application of website load speeds to a crawl. These designs can even distract your visitors if you implement too much UI. Optimum usage and implementation of UI always improve the number of unique visitors and complex elements can chase them away. There should be a balance of different techniques and tools to enhance the user experience.

DRC Systems is an IT company that provides enterprise-grade business solutions with UI designing as the key strength. We understand how important UI is and our team of experts carries years of experience in delivering quality solutions and great User Experience Designs to clients across the planet. Stop hiring UI/UX designers and contact us for all your UI/UX requirements!


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