The Importance of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team Over Freelancers for Your Business

February 20, 2023

In the business world, technology has derived outstanding results and ensured high performance. In the era of Digitization, Automation, and the Growth of technology, business, and technology work together in close proximity. Companies have realized they can achieve their utmost potential if they collaborate with technology. This has led to the constant rise in the growth of the software development industry and the demand for software developers.

You may belong to any business from any sector like manufacturing, production, textile, automobile, or any other. You might not have a software development team in your company and it is also not viable to have the technical expertise. In these scenarios, businesses choose to outsource their development requirements. For that, they either contact a software development company and hire dedicated developers for their projects or higher freelancers.

Who are dedicated developers?

Dedicated developers are developers working with an organization, and they are in-house employees on the organization’s payroll. The dedicated developers work on the projects assigned to them by the organization.

Who are freelancers?

Freelancers are individuals who work independently and are not working with a specific company. They take projects based on their skill sets and charge as per projects. They are usually specialized in one area.

Now we know who are dedicated developers and freelancers. A dedicated developers team working on your project is beneficial for your business in several ways.

Why should you hire a dedicated development team for your project?

As a business, you want to outsource the software development and focus on the core business operations and be stress-free. Hiring a dedicated developers team is the best choice for you in comparison to hiring freelancers for the project. Here we have discussed a few parameters that would help you in understanding what are the benefits of hiring dedicated developers over freelancers.


The dedicated developers are more experienced than freelancers in handling different projects which vary in type and complexity both. The software development company you would choose to work with would have a number of other developers on their team with vast experience. Therefore in case the development is stuck there are experts available to help you with it, adding to the expertise.


There is a lot of sensitive information which is shared with the developers that are required for the project development. The software company signs a contract with the business, and it binds them to maintain the confidentiality of the project and protect sensitive data. Confidentiality is one of the major benefits of hiring dedicated developers over freelancers for your business.

Data Protection

With the constant rise in malware attacks and cyber attacks, there is a constant threat present. We need to engineer and develop the product with maximum safety measures to protect it from any type of threat. That makes it crucial for businesses to ensure the security feature while hiring developers for their projects. Hiring dedicated developers from well-reputed software companies guarantees proper data protection measures in place while developing the software. Dedicated developers follow protocols established for data protection, which is not much prevalent with freelancers.

Resource allocation

When you hire a team of dedicated developers for your project, you don’t need to worry about the logistic of the project requirements. The dedicated team has sufficient and necessary resources in terms of hardware, software, or license in the scope of the development company. The company works on various projects so they already have the required resources, which might not be the case with freelance developers. With freelancers, it might add to the cost of development.


One of the major benefits of hiring dedicated developers is quality assurance. The dedicated developers give complete attention to your project as they work exclusively for your project. There are established protocols in the company to perform quality tests on the developed software. In the case of freelancers ensuring quality can be a challenging task, you would need to hire another freelancer to check the quality.


In the case of freelancing different parts of the project might be handled by different freelancers which can be problematic. On the other hand, with dedicated developers team the collaboration between different teams is seamless and that results in fewer errors and better productivity as they have worked together.


When you hire dedicated developers from a well-reputed company, they already have an established protocol for communication. That helps you in keeping track of the development of your project. In the case of hiring freelancers, the communication might lag and it would hamper the project development. Businesses while working with freelancers face problems in communication due to their unavailability.


The scalability option you have in the case of dedicated developers is high. You have started the project with the dedicated developer’s team and midway you want to change the scale of the project, you can easily do that. It is convenient to upscale and downscale both with a team of dedicated developers, as they work exclusively for your project. But with freelancers, it will not be so simple, as they work on multiple projects at the same time.

Project Delivery and Support

On-time project completion is one of the major concerns while Businesses outsource their development requirements. Hiring a dedicated developers team from a renowned software development company ensures stability and reliability. The dedicated developer’s team works efficiently on your project which reduces the time to market. The collaboration and communication between the team are seamless which saves time, this is not the case with freelancers. The software company from where you hired the dedicated developers provide constant support and assistance during the project and also after project completion.

We have discussed the various benefits of hiring a dedicated team for your project which explains why you should hire a dedicated team for your business’s software development needs. Now let us look at the things to keep in mind while hiring a dedicated developers team for your business.

How to choose the right dedicated development team?

  1. Search for the top software development companies that offer dedicated developer services.
  2. Look for their expertise.
  3. Discuss the project requirements in detail.
  4. Ask for the portfolio of the developers.
  5. Interview the developers.
  6. Compare with other companies and choose the best for your project.


Whether you are looking for Website Development or application development for your business, Hiring a dedicated development team can help you in building the best solution. Hiring a dedicated developer team from a software development company is the best way to complete your project successfully. While choosing the dedicated developers team for your project keep in mind the above-discussed parameters. Our dedicated developers have vast experience in developing solutions for various businesses coming from different industries. You can connect with us, and we can help you with your project.


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