These are the Top WordPress Plugins you need for your website

February 7, 2024

Digital presence has never been more important than today. One of the basic yet most powerful mediums is a website, getting it right for your business can work wonders for you. WordPress is one such platform for creating functioning and effective websites. There are a lot of tools available with WordPress to help you build a website and much more. Plugins is one such software that helps you to customize your website conveniently.

WordPress plugins, in essence, serve as applications for your website, enabling the integration of novel features and capabilities to your WordPress site. For instance, plugins can be utilized to incorporate elements such as contact forms, image galleries, sliders, and more into your site.

Why Opt for WordPress Plugins?

The allure of WordPress plugins is rooted in the versatility they provide. With an expansive selection of over 50,000 complimentary plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory, along with an infinite array of premium plugins from independent developers, the potential for customization is boundless. Whether your objective is to enhance SEO, bolster security, or facilitate direct product sales from your site, there exists a plugin tailored to your needs.

With so many options comes confusion to choose the best plugins for your WordPress website. We have done the hard work and curated a list of the top 15 plugins that work as a charm for a functional and efficient website. This list has been made with the guidance of our experienced WordPress developers.

How to choose the best WordPress plugins?

Deciphering the Perfect WordPress Plugin:
With an abundance of plugin choices, making a selection can seem intimidating. Here are some strategies to guide you toward the right decision:

Ratings and Reviews: They can shed light on the plugin’s performance and trustworthiness.

Assess the Number of Active Installations: A large number of active installations can suggest a well-regarded and regularly updated plugin.

Ensure Compatibility with Your WordPress Version: Most plugins will indicate the WordPress versions they work with.

Review the Last Updated Date: This can hint at whether the plugin is under active development and maintenance.

Top 15 WordPress plugins for your business websites

1. WooCommerce

Since its release in 2011, WooCommerce has become a widely used and popular plugin. The reason is that it makes the essential requirement of online shopping features for every business possible with a simple and easy process. WooCommerce is the plugin responsible for converting a website into an e-commerce site. It covers every aspect of selling your products or services online hassle-free. It is a free-of-cost tool to start your e-commerce business, there are paid add-on features available.

Features of WooCommerce:

  • Multiple payment and shipping methods are secure.
  • A number of secure features include SSL certificates, backup, authentication, and malware prevention.
  • Inventory management and scalability option.
  • Themes and extensions are available for customization, and other features like report generation and analytics.

2. Yoast SEO

Getting a website customized as per your business needs is only the first step, the website needs to be optimized for the search engines. The website has to reach the target audience Yoast SEO is the ultimate plugin to optimize your website. It evaluates the content and provides suggestions for optimizing the content. Yoast SEO is a free tool for everyone to use, there is a premium version available which is paid for advanced features.

Features of Yoast SEO:

  • It creates an XML sitemap of the website for the Google search console.
  • Paragraph structuring and keyword density check.
  • Option to share on different Social media platforms.
  • It provides SEO and readability analysis.

3. Jetpack CRM

Irrespective of the size and type of business customer relationship management is one of the core functions. Contact management is the prime functionality of this tool. Storing and managing customer information becomes insightful in other business operations.

Features of Jetpack CRM:

  • Efficient contact management facility.
  • It has an in-built form builder.
  • Creates invoices and quotes, and also tracks transactions.

4. WP Rocket

One of the top priorities while creating a website for your business would be the performance of the website. In jet-speed internet, nobody would spend an extra second if your website is slow or lagging. Because of this WP Rocket plugin makes it the must-have plugin for WordPress. It is known as a caching plugin which provides speed to the website. One of the essential plugins for WordPress if you want to ensure enhanced user experience for the website.

Features of the WP Rocket:

  • It offers a database cleanup option.
  • It allows lazy media load that speeds up the website page loading.
  • Offers file optimization like javascript and CSS stylesheet.

5. WP forms

If you are creating a website it is almost impossible to not have forms on the website. You would want the users to fill in contact details, or there can be an inquiry form or a feedback form. That means you have to have forms available on your website. WP forms in the plugin make it simple to integrate forms without knowing the coding. This plugin also gives you the freedom to customize your form according to your needs.

Features of WP forms:

  • There are templates present for different purposes.
  • Forms can be designed creatively using drop and drag.
  • Ways to integrate with different social media and payment platforms.

6. Jetpack

This single plugin serves multiple functions making it one of the must-have plugins for WordPress websites. One of the choicest plugins for securing the website due to its constant malware scans and automatic backups, which help keep the website secure. Jetpack is a free plugin with tons of features for your website. There are various modules present in the jetpack plugin, one can choose according to the requirement.

Features of Jetpack:

  • Downtime monitoring, spam filtering, and security scanning.
  • SEO tools and grammar checkers help in content management.
  • Customized CSS, lazy loading, and mobile themes are some features that help to enhance the appearance of the website.

7. Elementor

The user experience of the website is largely affected by the design of the website. Elementor is the plugin that helps you build a page without any coding knowledge required. Designing the page is a quick process because of existing templates. It lets the user drag and drop different sections to create the design you need for the website. You can make the changes in design without dealing with the back-end making it a simpler process. You can start using it free of cost and there are also paid versions available.

Features of Elementor:

  • It also includes e-commerce and marketing tools.
  • For creating lightweight layouts it provides leverage flexbox, free widgets, and CSS grid containers.
  • It offers a template library to create designs in no time.

8. Redirection

A click on the website leading to inactive can cause adverse effects on the user experience of the website. Redirection is a free WordPress plugin that will help with this issue. It is not possible to track all the inactive pages and broken links. The redirection plugin is the tool that manages 301 redirects. If these pages are left unresolved it would affect the SEO ranking. Redirection plugin is one of the best ways to manage this problem.

Features of the Redirection plugin:

  • It offers Apache and Nginx support
  • Tracks and monitors 404 errors.
  • It allows conditional redirection, too.

9. MonsterInsights

While building your website you have a target audience in mind, who is going to use the website or to whom you want to connect with the website. With the help of Monsterinsights, you know the users better with the help of their online activity which is tracked by this plugin. It records relevant data of the users such as time spent on the page and content consumption. These data with the help of analytics are crucial in making strategies for business growth. One of the must-have plugins which is available for free.

Features of Monsterinsights:

  • It creates a real-time report that gives a deeper understanding of the user.
  • It provides a website analytic report.
  • Helps in identifying the less-performing pages which need improvement.

10. Updraftplus

One can never predict things like security breaches or website crashes, which will lead to the loss of important data. In this scenario with prior planning the damage can be avoided, Updraft is a plugin that helps in the process. It is a free WordPress plugin that helps in taking automatic backups. One can schedule a backup according to their convenience. There are multiple platforms where backup data can be stored such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.

Features of Updraftplus:

  • It lets you store data in cloud storage.
  • It gives multiple site functionality.
  • It automatically creates a backup before any kind of update.

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11. Sucuri Security

Security is one of the major concerns with the increase in threats and attacks. Hence it becomes crucial to secure the website with the best security plugin available. One of the widely used security plugins that protects your website from malware and hackers. There are enormous features available such as security hardening, firewall protection, and malware scanning. The plugin is easy to configure and use.

Features of Sucuri:

  • File integrity monitoring and security monitoring.
  • It offers security setting customization options according to the need.
  • Core integrity checks, post-hack features, and email alerts are some features.

12. Imagify

Imagify is a top-tier WordPress plugin that excels in image optimization. It blends seamlessly with your WordPress site, offering a host of features to amplify your site’s performance and user interaction. With Imagify, image optimization becomes a breeze, as images are automatically adjusted to the ideal compression level. It also supports group optimization, allowing you to optimize all your existing images at once. An advanced format that bolsters your site’s speed and SEO. With its user-friendly design and robust features, Imagify is a vital plugin for any WordPress site.

Features of Imagify:

  • A distinctive feature is the conversion of images to WebP.
  • Imagify offers a backup and restore feature, preserving your original images.

13. Akismet

Akismet is a robust WordPress plugin that shields your website from spam. It scrutinizes all comments automatically, weeding out those that appear dubious. Each comment comes with a status history, enabling you to track which were intercepted or approved by Akismet. It uncovers concealed or deceptive links in the comment content, adding an additional security layer. Akismet is an indispensable tool for any website.

Features of Akismet:

  • Akismet also features a discard option that eliminates the most egregious spam, conserving your disk space and enhancing your site’s speed. As a trusted anti-spam solution for WordPress and WooCommerce.


It is a remarkable WordPress plugin that enriches your website with interactive, feature-rich tables. It offers a straightforward interface for crafting, managing, and adjusting data tables of any magnitude. TablePress equips your tables with live search, sorting, and pagination, thereby boosting your site’s user engagement. Requiring no coding skills, TablePress is a user-friendly instrument for augmenting your website.

Features of TablePress Plugin:

  • It supports all data types and allows the inclusion of images, links, and even mathematical equations.
  • The plugin also facilitates the import and export of tables from/to a variety of formats such as Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON

15. MailChimp

MailChimp is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that revolutionizes your email marketing efforts. It integrates effortlessly with your MailChimp account, paving the way for the effective growth of your email list. The plugin boasts user-friendly sign-up forms that are optimized for mobile devices, giving you full control over the form fields. With additional plugins like Mailchimp Top Bar and Boxzilla Pop-ups, MailChimp is an essential plugin for any WordPress site focused on successful email marketing.

Features of MailChimp:

  • A standout feature is its ability to send your WooCommerce orders to MailChimp, enabling you to monitor the revenue from your email campaigns.
  • It offers a versatile platform for all your email marketing requirements.
  • It works well with several other plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and Gravity Forms

Ending Note

Enhance your website’s functionality, safeguard its integrity, and enrich the user journey with the power of WordPress plugins. This piece delves into the top-tier WordPress plugins designed to elevate your site’s capabilities. Whether you aim to boost your site’s loading speed, fortify it against cyber threats, or captivate your audience, a suitable WordPress plugin is at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to integrate these plugins and witness your website transcend to unprecedented heights!

We are an experienced WordPress development company, in our team you can find expert WordPress developers. If you are trying to build a website for your business, connect with us and we would be happy to help.


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