Top 10 Landing Page Design Tips For Better Conversions

August 23, 2021

Are you looking for landing page tips and UI design tactics to generate more leads and boost conversions? With a well-designed landing page that focuses on a single goal, you can remove all the distractions and extra navigation to get your visitors to take action.

But, do you know what makes a good landing page UI design? If you are looking for answers, this blog piece will help you. Here are the best landing page tips to increase conversions in a competitive marketplace.

Why Do You Need A Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone page on your website that focuses on a specific action. This page is different from the home page of your website. A landing page attracts visitors who are interested in your offer and convinces them to take the desired action.

Basic Landing Page Elements

Most landing pages have the basic page elements:

  • Alluring Headline
  • Subheadings
  • Copy
  • Images & Video content
  • CTAs

Aside from the basics, there is an ocean of landing page best practices that can turn tides in your favor. Implement these landing page tips and turn your landing page into a lead generation machine.

Top 10 Landing Page Tips

Have Specific Goals & Be Clear About Your Objectives

Every landing page focuses on a single business goal. When you design a landing page, you have to be very clear about your particular goal. The main message of your landing page should be loud and clear to reach the visitors. Whether it is selling a product, offering a service, or asking the visitors to subscribe to a particular service, your message should be clear and in synchronization with the primary goal of your landing page.

Know Your Audience

You should take the subjectivity of your marketing strategies into account when designing a landing page. You need to know your audiences, approach them successfully and influence them. Your landing page should be relevant for the visitors you want to convert. Your landing page has to be relevant for your visitors. Learning about your audience gives you the upper hand in building a landing page that offers the best experience.

Have An Alluring Headline

The headline for your landing page is most crucial and effective for your business. The majority of the audiences go through only your headline and most of them do not even read the rest of the landing page. Use a catchy headline to grab the attention of your visitors and your landing page will do the rest.

Include Relevant Images & Videos

Text content is quite boring at times, that’s why you should include images and video content. Be it a product image, or how things work at your organisation, relevant images and videos offer the best user experience. This element attracts the attention of the visitors and increases the conversions too. More than 50% of users look for videos related to a product before they visit a store. Relevant embedded video content increases the conversion rates.

Mobile Friendliness

Modern shoppers do not use desktops to browse websites. This goes for your clients as well. Our smartphones, tablets and iPads help us in surfing the web for products and online shopping. Your landing page must be mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly web designs offer flexibility to your visitors.

Optimise Your Landing Page For Offhand Reading

Optimising your landing page for offhand or unattentive reading is one of the vital elements. According to research, the landing pages that are designed for offhand reading have more chances of increased page sessions. Modern Internet users just skim through specific keywords. You can make an impact and use bullet points, short paragraphs and strong sentences in the active voice to engage your visitors.


Using real-life images can help your audiences create a personal connection with your brand. You should avoid the use of stock photos, image files and use real-life pictures of the business. Real pictures look genuine and are more appealing. Apart from using real-life pictures, you can also curate relevant videos of how your products or services will help your audience.

Focus On A Single Goal

The entire purpose of a landing page focuses on a single goal. Too many options breathe confusion and this leaves your visitors indecisive. You need to ensure that the message of your landing page is focused and clear.

Keep It Clutter-Free

While designing a landing page for your business, you need to keep it clutter and distraction-free. Users will click away without opting for your offer if you include a navigation menu on your landing page. You need to narrow down the options and distractions on your landing page and offer only a few relevant elements that work in your favor.

Pick The Right Color Combination

Do you know that the color combination you select may affect your landing page and conversion rates? Color psychology is powerful and you need to have specific hues that blend in just perfectly. By using the right color combination, you can evoke those emotional triggers in your audience and make them take the necessary action.

Wrapping Things Up

Implement these landing page design tips and UI/UX design and improve your landing page in the competitive market. While there are never-ending landing page tips, here are the most important of all. As a business owner, you need a partner who can help you improve your conversions. Contact DRC Systems today and get the best landing page solutions.


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