Top 10 Reasons To Take A MOOC In 2021

July 5, 2021

MOOC stands for Massive Online Open Courses. These free courses are offered by colleges and reputed institutions all over the world. The enrolment can skyrocket to 100,000+ students and anyone from anywhere in the world can register. MOOCs allow students to work and learn at their pace. Modern learners can watch informative lectures, participate in quizzes, take tests and finish assignments accordingly.

Why waste your time learning from those traditional courses when you do not get any college credit out of it???

MOOCs offer tons of benefits and are worth your time. In this blog, I’ve tried to throw light on why MOOCs are becoming so popular. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should take MOOCs in 2021.

1. MOOCs Offer A Variety Of Subjects To Learn

Your college schedules are tight and you might not be able to take every course that you want. Apart from that, your school may not offer a subject that you are interested in. This is where MOOCs can help you. You can search on one of the MOOCs provider websites to find interesting classes that you are interested in. There is a bottomless ocean of subjects that range from Yoga, Literature, languages, history, Tech development, and inbound marketing. There are instances where you can pay a small fee to receive college credit for your hard work and courseware completion.

2. Check Out Your Majors Inside Out Before Committing

In most cases, the majors you choose heavily decides the college you would attend and pave your future career path. High school students can complete a particular MOOC course in the prospective major to see if it is a right fit. This is risk-free and helps you figure out what majors you want to go for and save money. MOOCs help you to avoid jumping between multiple majors and classes you are not interested in.

3. Get Acclimatized With College-Level Learning Before Enrolling

Are you wondering if college-level learning is the right thing for you? Taking a MOOC will help you understand what college classes are like before you decide to pay for them. The tests, assignments, quizzes, and assessments you take and submit offer informative insights into what the next four years of your education might look like. Most of the reputed colleges and eminent institutions allow the students to try out particular courses for free. MOOCs allow you to try out a course before attending the same.

4. Prepare For College Before You Start

Are you feeling unprepared for college? You are not alone. There are millions of high school students who feel the same way. MOOCs are designed to eliminate this unpreparedness. Most of these courses include pre-calculus, entry-level mathematics, and first-year composition. You can talk to the concerned counselor to see what particular areas they recommend you to focus on.

5. Learn From International Peers Around The World

Anyone from any place with a stable internet connection can take a MOOC class. Participants can communicate and discuss with each other through discussion threads and social networking groups. Learning from your peers offers a unique experience just like any traditional classroom.

6. No Prerequisites For MOOC Learning

Another strong reason why MOOCs are gaining popularity among modern learners is that there are no prerequisites for MOOC learning. You just need to sign up for a particular course you are interested in. Just put in the effort and begin your journey.

7. MOOCs Offer Multilingual Learning Content with Subtitles

Your course options are not just limited to a particular language or where you live. Enjoy the courses in International English or your regional language as there are no restrictions. Whether you want to learn International English or switch the language, it is your call. Enjoy the courses taught by enthusiasts and professionals along with subtitles. Subtitles make these courses friendly to individuals with special needs.

8. MOOCs Offer Free Course & Learning Content For AP Exam Preparation

The Open edX® online platform offers free learning content and courseware for AP exam preparation. You can learn challenging and the most difficult subjects at your own pace in your free time. With the advancement in technology, most MOOCs now come with gamified elements and an engaging environment to learn without getting bored. Take supplementary courses to achieve higher AP examination scores and get better college credit.

9. MOOCs Help Your College Applications Stand Out

MOOCs help you to show your future college admission counselors that you are serious about learning. It all depends on your performance in high school and your commitment to specific subjects. The knowledge you gain from MOOCs also helps in the department of interest-specific scholarship applications and interviews. Taking these online courses showcases your initiative and commitment to being prepared for the future. This helps your college applications stand out.

10. Boost Your Job Applications & Career Prospects

Employers and hiring managers not only look for a required skill set but soft skills as well. A few degree programs help students develop these skills better than others. Free online college classes and MOOC courseware help the students bridge the gap between college graduates and employees. These massive open online courses offer paid professional programs that are certified. You can also opt to take their courses for free without any certification.

Completing a particular MOOC can help you secure a job. Let’s suppose there is a Copywriter role you are interested in and want to apply for. But taking an online course on the basics of web design and HTML will increase the chances of your profile getting selected.

Take MOOCs & stand apart from the other candidates!

Learning Never Stops

We have seen how popular MOOCs are and why you should take them. Born of the open environment, these courses have risen to a remarkable level of popularity over a few decades. With the widespread use of mobile devices, almost every student has access to smart devices for modern learning.

MOOCs are already changing the future of online learning by focusing on specific areas. With the improvement of technology, every modern learner can attend online classes and enjoy the gamified environment. If you are a student, check out the MOOCs and upskill your interests. The day is not far when MOOCs will dominate the education sector.


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