Top 21 Disruptive eCommerce Web Development Trends for 2021

April 1, 2021

The digital age has surrounded us with gadgets and technology that make our lives convenient. These technological advances are changing the way eCommerce businesses are prevailing in the market. As the industry grows, more and more technologies and trends are surfacing.

Creating the right eCommerce website is not easy as it sounds. You require proper tools, frameworks, environment, and strategies. Apart from that, you also need to incorporate the latest trends to create robust websites that not only acquire new customers but also achieve new heights in the market. Trends are important to implement when it comes to website development. In this blog, we will discuss the 21 eCommerce web development trends for 2021.

To effectively scale the market, your business needs to be the ”jack of all trades” and include these eCommerce trends.


Chatbots are one of the rising trends in eCommerce development. These smart bots provide answers to customers’ queries with the main focus on completing the buyers’ purchases.
Chatbots and smart answering machines offer product recommendations according to search history and provide unique customer support as well.

These are quite helpful when it comes to automating human-to-human interactions. With the help of chatbots, customers can get access to many services easily and quickly. By incorporating smart and intelligent chatbots, businesses are efficiently scaling the market by offering convenient customer support and solving their queries.

Subscription-based Models

This is another new trend in eCommerce and it has been gaining popularity over a few years. According to the subscription-based companies and enterprises in the world, this trend is rising steadily in the market. With the monthly subscription-based models there comes a few challenges that once cleared, pave way for improved customer acquisition. Once better and unique ideas are generated, they are implemented to make the customer subscribe to the service. With this powerful and influential trend, you can target any market you wish to scale.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is important for online businesses to streamline the different marketing plans to have equilibrium and stability. This element allows businesses to manage their marketing activities and automate their campaigns on multiple channels. Marketing automation is one of the best approaches in eCommerce. Incorporating this element in your business strategies, you can offer the best shopping experience to your customers as well as design customized marketing campaigns to target different audiences.

This approach gives you the advantage of different eCommerce platforms to build dynamic eCommerce websites. Apart from that, you can also combine the different eCommerce platforms with marketing automation techniques to offer your customers better and unique experiences.

Headless Commerce

The pandemic has completely changed the buying patterns. There is now a need to bring a drastic change so that eCommerce businesses meet the new demands of the customers and this requires flexibility. There is a need to introduce Headless Commerce. Headless Commerce separates the front-end and back-end of an eCommerce portal. This approach enables the brands to build customized user experiences that customers do not get anywhere. This requires the APIs to ensure a consistent experience across any device and not just the standard screens.

Apart from the customizable experiences, it eliminates the complexities involved in the IT architecture. Migrating to headless commerce can create and implement changes on the front-end without having to apply the same code in the back-end. Anyone can upload the changes to the eCommerce website.

Enhanced Shipping Models

The eCommerce industry has seen some major improvements since 2013. Ever since the industry has been seeing major improvements than the small add-ons to the shipping model for the online retail industry. eCommerce giants have tested drone deliveries with integrated Google Maps in a few countries. This has enabled them to take the shortest route to their destination. It is only a matter of time until drone delivery becomes the new norm in several countries.

Voice Search

Since the inception of smart speakers and voice systems like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistants, our lives have become extremely easy in several ways. These devices change people’s lives by helping them in making the transition from ‘typing’ to ‘speaking’. Smart voice devices and answering machines are designed to receive certain voice commands that enable the users to access a huge class of services. Voice search has become an extremely popular trend and it will continue to be a hyperactive eCommerce element in 2021.

Many eCommerce platforms provide many customizable solutions regarding the Voice User Interface. This interface allows the users to search the products with voice commands. Some portals such as Shopify allow you to develop your website and optimize the shopping experience for voice search. Voice search also boosts the SEO of your website as the keywords are the products. Voice search is beneficial to search eCommerce businesses in many ways.

Social Payments

In the wake of digitization, our lives are changing every day. With the shopping experience taking huge leaps to the top, it is much needed for the retail businesses to make payment options more seamless to improve the experience of their customers. Social payments are the new business verticals of the eCommerce industry (2.7 Trillion in 2021).

These payment options are the perfect option for users to pay for their purchases using any social media platform. Social payments such as Google Pay, Twitter Buy, Whatsapp Pay, Apple Pay, are just like your very own digital banks. With these options, shoppers have easy access to make purchases from the online retailers that offer social media payments.


Everyone is familiar with AR and VR technologies. These two technologies have transformed several industries and are paving way for the eCommerce industry as well. The downside of online shopping is the inability of shoppers to experience and visualize the products they want to purchase. AR and VR technologies work as connecting bridges to remove the issues in online shopping.

With the AR technology around, shoppers can easily visualize and experience the products in the real world that allows them to understand if a particular product meets their demands. Apart from this, VR connects them to the real world that provides a wonderful experience. Additionally, the VR technology also offers an in-store experience and provides greater details to the customers to help them make the right decisions. AR and VR is one excellent trend that will dominate the eCommerce industry in 2021 and beyond.

Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel selling is becoming important for online businesses. Shopping these days is not limited to a particular channel. Nowadays, shoppers spend more time on Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and several other online platforms. Opting for multi-channel selling is becoming the new norm. This is one of the key trends that is dominating the eCommerce industry. You should incorporate omnichannel selling for your eCommerce development strategy.

These are some ways by which you can enhance the omnichannel experience:

  • Offer customized and personalized customer experience
  • Effectively utilize SAP Commerce Cloud to offer a personalized experience
  • Effectively optimize the website for mobile devices and try to invest in the progressive web applications

If you are into B2B eCommerce development for bigger clients and governments, then you should consider omni channel selling.

AI-Powered eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence has already been playing its role in intelligent product recommendations. It is evolving in a better way with the constantly improving algorithms. It has been a prevailing eCommerce trend in 2020 and will continue to bring drastic changes in the industry in the coming years.

AI-powered websites can make smarter product recommendations. This enhances the customer experience. Artificial Intelligence along with the sales channels, helps the eCommerce businesses analyze the current trends to predict the best time, price, and place to enlist and promote the product catalogs. This boosts the marketing and sales strategies of businesses.

Social Commerce

Social Commerce is another key eCommerce trend that you just cannot miss out on to have an increased ROI and benefits. These days shoppers have a huge experience on different social media platforms that give them plenty of opportunities to grab the hottest deals. With the ever-increasing intensity of online ads on social media platforms, shoppers can easily learn more about the products and follow the respective links to get their hands on the products.

Social commerce is not completely new but is rising as the eCommerce marketing trend in 2021. According to industry experts, this trend is going to change the face of the eCommerce web development industry. Social media integration is an important step towards the development of successful eCommerce websites and businesses.

Mobile Shopping

iPads, smartphones, and other smart screens offer a unique shopping experience to the customers each time. The number of online shoppers has increased in the past few years and mobile shopping has become the unbeatable domain in the market.

Mobile-optimized websites are one of the disruptive eCommerce trends of 2020 and are continuing to be the same in 2021 too. It has become vital to have eCommerce websites optimized both for smartphones and desktops to drive traffic and generate huge sales. Mobile shopping not only gives a unique experience to the customers but is also changing the face of the eCommerce industry in 2021.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are becoming one of the extremely popular trends in the eCommerce industry. Online businesses are always on the lookout for ways to improve sales and enhance the customer experience and progressive web applications are the best ways to meet both ends.

A progressive web application is a website in the form of a mobile application. eCommerce businesses can take advantage of PWAs instead of developing high-cost native mobile applications. These specialized applications provide a better mobile experience. Apart from bringing great customer experience, PWAs also comes with several benefits for your business.

On-site Personalization

eCommerce personalization is the process of delivering customized personal experiences on the business websites by dynamically showing the content, item recommendations, special offers based on search patterns, history, and browsing actions.

On-site personalization is much important to the merchants seeking to engage with mobile shoppers. This is a powerful trend that not only drives more customers but also increases sales and conversions. eCommerce personalization paves way for the personalization of an online shopping website and offers a personalized experience to the online shoppers based on their actions.

Flexible Payment Options

The number of mobile shoppers has skyrocketed and eCommerce businesses are evolving to offer customized experiences to their customers. With the adoption of mobile-friendly websites, there is a strong need for businesses to come up with flexible payment options. Besides debit/credit cards and online banking, payment through digital wallets and other channels have become popular. Online payments are possible because of payment gateways.

These payment gateways are often provided by eCommerce platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more. By integrating the payment gateways with third-party plugins and applications, eCommerce businesses can increase sales and conversions. You can easily hire dedicated developers to develop an eCommerce website that offers a secure and effective gateway. In 2021, online payment options are the rising trend.

Multidirectional Layouts

A multidirectional layout is a freestyle approach that streamlines customers’ journeys. Such layouts allow the users to move in whichever direction they want, as these are mobile-first designs. These layouts are accompanied by flashy animations and transitions. UI/UX empowers this flexible approach and ultimately reflects the changing requirements of the customers.

Such designs offer interactive shopping experiences to the online shoppers which in turn offers complete flexibility to navigate the entire website. This is one of the rising trends in the eCommerce industry in 2021.

Data Security

As the digital world witnesses new technological changes, one important aspect rises. Data security is another important aspect when it comes to eCommerce businesses. As the number of mobile shoppers grows, there is a need to secure the sensitive data of customers and offer a secure and accurate shopping experience.

Security testing and other relevant arrangements are gaining more importance as the industry grows and acquires more customers. There are novel website monitoring tools available in the market that keep stringent checks on the security of sensitive data. Most of the eCommerce giants are leveraging AI for cybersecurity for protecting the sensitive data of the customers.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been around for a while but it has entered the eCommerce industry, lately. In eCommerce, the transactions and ledgers are encrypted which allows the Blockchain to provide better security than the banking model. Blockchain technology streamlines the supply chain and secures the transactions.

Apart from securing the transactions, it also manages customers’ sensitive data. Recently this technology has become one of the trends in the eCommerce industry and prevents any type of misuse and cybercrime.

3D Elements

Visual effects have always brought momentum and in 2021, 3D elements will have an increased effect in the eCommerce industry. Several businesses are gaining momentum and traction by incorporating 3D elements in their applications and websites. 3D design attracts the users and retains them onto the website. This results in increased customer acquisition and decreases the bounce rate to zero.

2021 is witnessing more inclusion of 3D technology in UX. Designers are exploring newer ways to attract the target customer base. The 3D elements are dominating several industries such as medicine, architecture, engineering, science, retail, and many others.

Single-Page Websites

Single-page websites are sleek, smart, dynamic, and concise and are returning as one of the eCommerce trends in 2021. Such websites come with a dual advantage. Such websites are easy to develop and offer simplicity to the customers. According to the market analysts, single-page websites are assisting businesses to focus on a particular class of target audience with the minimal content that is required. This trend is changing the shopping behavior of the customers.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

An Accelerated Mobile Page is an open-source project that is used to help the developers to generate mobile-optimized content that loads on all the devices. The main focus is to optimize any content to load faster on any device. Offering faster loading times and developed through customized plugins, accelerated mobile pages are very popular for exceptional UI/UX with improved speeds. Such pages help in increasing the online presence of organizations. Apart from that, it offers great results with less coding.

So these are the disruptive eCommerce development trends for 2021. Mobile shopping has become extremely popular on a global scale and to create a modern and feature-rich website, you need to include these trends in your eCommerce business strategy.


The eCommerce industry is at the apex of change and is constantly evolving. Companies need to update their strategies, marketing plans and incorporate the eCommerce development trends. While some are new and some are old, these trends have been playing a vital role in customer acquisition and revenue generation.

Technologies such as AI, Blockchain, AR & VR, and a few others are helping several eCommerce businesses to have traction in the market, gain millions of customers and generate huge revenues. In such a scenario, you should understand your business requirements and customers’ behavior. You should understand your business requirements, customer behavior and incorporate these eCommerce development trends.


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