Top 9 .Net Trends Dominating 2022

April 27, 2022

According to a Stack Overflow survey in 2021, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core gained popularity among the most loved and preferred web development frameworks. .NET framework is an effective tool for programmers to build web, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Azure applications.

In this blog, we will discuss the growth of .NET, how it is going, and reveal the top 9 .NET trends that are making waves in 2022.

Top 9 .NET Trends That Are Making Waves In 2022

ASP.NET Core For Web Development Framework

These days, Google search queries show that more and more users are searching for ASP.NET Core related instead of traditional ASP.Net trends. This indicates that the IT industry is getting ready to adopt the new culture of open-source product engineering and software development.

Factors such as security, performance, and flexibility are the reasons behind the popularity of ASP.NET among startups and large enterprises. Apart from these features, several third-party libraries have also contributed to its popularity because of its ability to support a wide spectrum of programming languages including Python, C#, F#, and more.

Additionally, Microsoft has been pushing out new updates in this increasingly popular framework to serve the ever-growing ASP.NET development requirements.

Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is one of the most rapidly growing cloud computing technologies and has helped numerous enterprises extend their application operations and solutions. This trend is getting popular for being highly cost-effective, scalable, and secure.

According to the data, the Serverless Computing market is forecast to grow at an impressive rate of 23.17%. Microsoft Azure Functions has emerged as one of the most preferred serverless computing platforms by developers across the world. Serverless computing offers several productive services to construct powerful and secure cloud applications using the .NET Core programming language.

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Xamarin Development

Although Mono is available for Android and iOS, it’s limited to a narrow audience band due to specific issues such as compatibility, performance, and improper documentation.

However, Xamarin bridged this gap by offering the most interactive and efficient cross-platform framework for developing hybrid applications for mobile users. Developers use the .NET Core technology for building cross-platform applications using the Xamarin framework. As per the Google Trends data, we can see a gradual increase in the Xamarin development.

Introduction To .Net 6 Framework

Microsoft has recently announced its new cross-platform and open-source framework .NET 6 Framework. .NET 6 Framework is a Long Term Support (LTS) release and according to an announcement by Microsoft on December 14, 2021, it will be supported for three years straight. .NET 6 Framework is compatible with multiple operating systems including Apple Silicon, Windows Arm64 and macOS.

Apart from that, this framework also offers a unified platform for browser, IoT, desktop, cloud, and other mobile applications. This platform receives regular updates to meet all the specific requirements and users’ needs.

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Azure Emerges As The Most Preferred Hosting Platform

Microsoft Azure has been dominating the cloud computing market over the past couple of years. With its competitive advantages like affordability, scalability, and flexibility, this platform has emerged as the most trusted cloud computing platform. Apart from distinct advantages, it also offers advanced security, service level agreements, and the highest uptime availability.

Microsoft Azure also offers several cloud services for hosting the applications developed using .NET Core. Microsoft SQL Database, Azure Virtual Machines, App Services, and Azure Storage, are a few valuable benefits offered.

Blazor For Web Development

Introduced in October 2017, Blazor is a powerful web development framework used for developing client-side applications using .NET Core. Using the Blazor framework, developers can quickly develop interactive web-based Single Page Applications (SPAs) for different platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS.

The main highlight of this framework is that it does not use any I/O thread to process any user requests on a page. This framework is highly used in developing high-performance web applications that require higher bandwidths.

Asp.Net Core Docker Support

Docker is the top-notch container technology used by many web developers because of its scalability, higher reliability, and maximum security. ASP.NET Core can run on a docker without any hassle and has helped developers with faster development and deployment of ASP.NET-based sites within a short span.

Because of the features such as scalability, security, and high level of reliability, Docker support is gaining popularity in 2022. It is one of the .Net trends to watch out for in 2022.

ML.NET 1.4 Framework

Machine Learning is the crucial factor that has influenced software development over a couple of years. This framework offers APIs for developing smart and powerful applications. .Net developers prefer ML.NET 1.4 framework as it streamlines the entire software development using simple coding techniques.

Microsoft recently introduced its most advanced Machine Learning framework. ML.NET 1.4 empowers the users with the best features and functionalities of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Being a web-based and desktop framework, ML.NET 1.4 offers all the necessary tools to implement Machine Learning algorithms in the .NET applications.

.NET Framework Security

Almost every developer considers cyberattacks as a part of their software development process. .NET Framework provides the .NET developers with an enhanced security system that offers improved security and enhanced performance.

.NET Framework helps developers build safer applications by offering a wide range of security features. Some of the features are:

  • Code Access Security (CAS) This secure solution from Microsoft prevents untrusted code from performing privileged actions.
  • Structured Exception Handler (SEH) A powerful exception-handling mechanism is included in most programs that offer robustness and handle all the exceptions that arise while executing an application.
  • Runtime Code Regions (RCR) These features guard your applications and protect them from malicious attacks.

Final Words

With several release features in the market every year, .NET is gaining popularity in the domain of application framework development. It has emerged as one of the most preferred frameworks to develop web applications. .NET has already established itself as a competitive platform for developing web-based applications. It will become more popular as it packs some advanced features and is backed by Microsoft.

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