What does it cost to develop an e-learning application?

November 21, 2022

E-learning became a necessity in the last two years of the pandemic, which gave a push to the growth of the e-learning industry. In 2021 the e-learning market exceeded USD 315 billion and is expected to grow at 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2028. Online learning has multifold increased the opportunities to learn for students as well as professionals. In this ever-changing and competitive world, upskilling has become a prerequisite requirement for career growth. The corporate learning market is expected to hit $50 billion by 2026.


A learning system that is based on electronic resources. With the help of e-learning, one can learn anywhere and anytime.

What is an e-learning app?

An application that is built for online learning. There is content available in the application in digital formats like text, graphics, illustrations, and videos. E-learning applications are one of the most popular and downloaded mobile applications.

Different types of e-learning platforms

The education industry has transformed in recent years with the popularity of virtual learning. There are different types of e-learning platforms, it is differentiated based on what learning tools are used, methodologies adapted, and type of content.

Here we have explained some of the popular types:

1. Computer-Managed Learning

In this type of learning platform, the overall operations are managed by the computer. There is information stored in the database and accessed by the user as per the requirement. The learning takes place between the computer and the user. There are ranking parameters fed into the computer that evaluates the performance at the end of the course.

2. Computer-Assisted Instruction

In computer-assisted learning, it is an interactive process where multimedia like video, sound, text, and graphics are used.

3. Synchronous Online Learning

In Synchronous e-learning platforms, there are live sessions conducted by the tutor and the user can have real-time interaction with the tutor. The tutor and users can be located in various locations.

4. Asynchronous Online Learning

There are recorded sessions available and other resources are already available on the platform. There is no real-time interaction between the user and the tutor.

5. Interactive Online Learning

In interactive online learning, there is two-way communication. Learners and Tutors can actively participate during the sessions. There are different modes through which the users can partici[ate like quizzes, polls, tests, and discussions.

Benefits of e-learning applications:

The advantages of e-learning applications have led to their popularity. It imparts better understanding to the learners with interactive content.

1. Accessibility

The major benefit of e-learning applications is access to courses and resources from across the globe. One can sit in their home and learn from the expert seating across the continent. There are innumerable courses available on the e-learning platform.

2. Content

With the help of technology, the course content is created in a manner that is informative and engaging. The application can support all the different text forms, including graphics, videos, illustrations, and animations that help the learner.

3. Flexibility

The user has the flexibility to take lessons according to their convenience, and speed. The user can take the course with the help of any device laptop, mobile, or tablet, the e-learning platform is designed to run across multiple platforms.

4. Affordability

A lot of costs which are applicable in traditional learning are eliminated in the e-learning platform. The user can learn from the industry expert with less expenditure. The content is available in a digital format minimizing the amount spent on the content.

Factors affecting the cost of e-learning application development

The development cost for building an application is a variable cost. It will depend on the requirement, complexity, features, and development partner. We have discussed a few of the important parameters that would help in preparing the estimate for the e-learning application development.

1. Platform

The application to be built for which platform would also determine the cost. Whether the application is built for android or ios or both. With the choice of platform, the technology stack would also change.

2. Complexity

There are different types of e-learning applications. The enhanced features of the application would add to the cost. It would depend on the customization required for the application users.

3. Content type

There are multiple options for the content type for the e-learning application. It may be text, graphics, video, or animations. The cost of creating the content type will depend on the type of content. The cost of creating videos would be more than the cost of developing textual content.

4. Technology stack

The cost of developing e-learning would vary with the choice of technology picked. The technology may be open source and free or the developer would need to buy the licensed version which would add to the development cost.

5. Developers rate

This is the crucial factor that would affect the cost to develop an e-learning platform. When choosing the application development company, the location of the company can play a major role in the development cost. The cost varies with the region your development team is situated.

6. Development Team

The features of the e-learning application to be developed will decide the composition of the development team. Mostly every mobile application development team would have:

-Project Manager


-VR Developers
-3D developers
-System architects

How much would it cost to build an e-learning application?

We have discussed major factors that affect the cost to develop an e-learning application. The functionality you want to be added and the development partner are the two governing factors that would determine the cost of your e-learning application development. DRC Systems is an experienced and trusted IT company located in India with a team of experts in mobile application development. Reach out to us with your requirements and our team can give you an estimated cost based on your requirements…


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