Client Requirements

Our client’s vision encompassed the development of a cutting-edge SaaS platform, strategically designed to catalyze transformative growth. The platform’s core objective revolves around harnessing disruptions to unlock opportunities and convert them into tangible value. This ambitious goal is achieved through a seamless fusion of design, analytics, strategic insight, and agile delivery. Our client’s commitment extends beyond providing mere technological solutions – they pledge to cultivate an entire ecosystem.

In terms of fundamental functionalities, our client articulated clear expectations. The focal point was empowering solar enterprises to streamline operations through automated end-to-end process management. This encompassed every facet, from initial sales creation to grid integration and post-sales support.

In essence, this SaaS platform emerges as the quintessential solution for solar businesses and buyers alike. It serves as a dynamic nexus where dealers discover diverse solar market opportunities. Offering comprehensive end-to-end process management, automated financial transactions, and meticulous compliance oversight, this SaaS platform is meticulously crafted to propel your renewable energy journey forward.

Technology Stack

Mobile Applications

Android & iOS

Web Application

PHP utilizing Yii 2

API Integration

PHP Laravel

Database Management


Tailored Solutions

In response to the client’s distinct requisites, we diligently designed separate applications – one catering to solar panel installers and another catering to customers. This bifurcation ensures tailored features and functionalities that cater to the unique needs of both user segments.

Additionally, we seamlessly integrated a Stripe payment gateway, ensuring fluid and secure transactions between installers and customers.

Addressing the need for streamlined interactions, we developed a proposal generator module. This transformative addition augments the retailer’s engagement by presenting meticulously structured proposal documents, enriched with comprehensive details.

Crafting Bespoke Solutions for Exceptional Outcomes

Recognizing the distinctiveness of your SaaS requirements, we specialize in crafting bespoke solutions that yield exceptional outcomes. Connect with us to embark on an efficient SaaS development journey that ensures your objectives are not only met but exceeded.

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