CVT (Customer Vanity Top)

How DRC Systems helped people cook well?/ How Did DRC Systems contribute to the delicious food that people enjoy today?

Now you must be wondering what a fully-fledged IT organization like DRC Systems is doing in the kitchen. What’s cooking? Well, we are coding and not cooking; we agree!

To start with, our client approached us with the idea of creating a SaaS application wherein sellers can help their customers with kitchen equipment. Not just that, but contemporary design ideas to turn users’ dreams of a modular kitchen into reality.

Now you get why we call ourselves “MasterChef”! Well, it’s not actually our cup of tea but creating cutting-edge SaaS applications is one of our areas of expertise. For that reason, our client chose us to create a SaaS application named “Customer Vanity Top”.

Requirements that our Cliented Broached:

Our client wanted us to design a robust platform where sellers and buyers can connect with each other; sellers can present great deals to their customers and customers can grab them from the right platform.

Our client wanted us to add solid features to the platform that help sellers execute their products with the required enhancements and customization. For example, as the seller selects the details of kitchen appliances and equipment, the design will start getting created simultaneously.

Challenges We faced

The feature of the graphical presentation of the equipment was a major challenge for us as our client wanted sellers to present their products in the best possible way and customers to experience bespoke services.

Solutions we provided

We successfully implemented the feature of a graphical presentation of the appliances with added personalization like the color options, gradience, and many such features that were aimed to offer customers an unforgettable experience.

We are Tech-Driven Champions!

Well, you can be a major part of the list of clientele who approach us for their project requirements and we converted them into their next big milestone. We’d love to assist you! Transform your business with our expert IT solutions. Request a quote now or shoot us a mail at for more information!