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Overview of the Project

Finding rich, earthy flavors of wine can make you whine as it’s no less than a laborious task! Not every wine is made to give you the ultimate pleasure of indulgence and taste whether it’s well fermented or not.

Well, speaking of finding a good wine, our client came up with a solution through which people can find a rich and flavorful wine without having to struggle to find a good one. That’s when we came into the play; our client wanted us to develop an apt and appealing e-commerce website that comprises the best collection of white, red, and rose wines along with the desired collection of champagne.

Creating a website for a wine business was quite a challenging task. Check out this case study throughout to know the story and how it all went!

Client’s Requirements

Our client wanted us to develop a dynamic and visually appealing website that aims to showcase an amazing wine collection, offer information about different wines, and facilitate online sales. The website should reflect the elegance and sophistication associated with the world of wines while providing an easy and enjoyable user experience.

Technology Stack


  • Cart Approval Required

  • Can Approve Carts

  • Can Place Order

  • Integrating data from Vintner’s database to Magento was quite a challenging task as this whole website is developed with Magento 2.
  • Our client wanted to make the process of purchase as personalized as possible for their users, so they wanted us to add the feature of case quantity and bottle quantity. It makes the purchase process of the user quite feasible; implementing this feature was pretty painstaking.
  • Integrating the feature of users’ order history from his or her’s first purchase to the last one was pretty complex. Users’ data is accessible in both month and year formats.
  • The user once signs up, becomes the main user of his/her account enables him/her to allow adding sub-users, and gives them the following permissions:


  • Digital Platform For Customers

  • Online Payment Integration

  • Seamless Process

  • Users can download the order data anytime when they need detailed information about their purchase history. Implementation of this feature served as a unique solution.
  • Our client wanted us to allow multiple users to access the same account in which the main user can allow the other ones with respective permissions. So, that was one of the unique solutions we provided to our client.
  • Also, users do not necessarily have to buy wine bottles in case quantity, they can go with the bottle quantity if they wish to. So, our client never wanted to settle for a bit of compromise when it comes to giving customers a personalized experience, hence we provided them with this solution.
  • We also incorporated a newsroom page for our clients to share news, articles, and updates related to the wine industry, upcoming events, and new arrivals. It was all developed in WordPress CMS.

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