Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul

Gurukul is a secular school for boys and it has been providing quality education for the last 16 years. It is affiliated with CICSE and is accredited by AdvancED, USA. Gurukul offers education from kindergarten to 12th grade with a complete focus on quality studies along with sports activities and spirituality.

What Exactly Were The Requirements Of Gurukul?

With 16 years of being a quality education provider, Gurukul’s administration process was a bit outdated with a high number of enrolments. With time, there was a need to replace this random way of handling the administration with a user-friendly modern solution.

The authorities needed a robust and customizable ERP solution to manage all their business operations including admissions, campaigns, fee collection, student management systems, and finance. They needed a technologically advanced solution that could help them smoothen each process from various branches of the school.

Challenges We Faced

The toughest challenge was to build a system as an ERP solution from scratch. Our team of tech minds and strategists had to design a system that could digitize the enormous database to simplify the processes and provide an important way to quickly access important information.

Firstly, there was a strong need to integrate all the business processes including:

  • Enrolments
  • Fee Management
  • Financial Aspects
  • Reports
  • Student Management System

We had to integrate these elements into the systems for simplified access and management.

Secondly, the system demanded to be highly customizable, configurable, and future-ready. Admin panels and dashboards were to be made on the basis of different roles including teaching staff, students, and parents. All this was to be made possible so they can access the information anytime. The whole ERP solution was to be built on API that could enable them to create new applications in the future.

We understood their custom requirements and it was a tedious task as everything was to be built from scratch. DRC Systems answered the call and came up with the desired solution that included these functionalities:

  • Content Management System
  • Role-based Configurable Dashboard
  • Multiple Branches
  • Biometric And GPS Integration
  • Fee Junction API Integration
  • Combination Of Student Management, Faculty Management
  • Biometric Machine Integration
  • GPS Integration
  • Roll Out Services
  • Branch-wise User Role Management
  • Report Card Management Module
  • Organization-wise &Amp; Branch-wise Configurable Policies
  • 100% Paperless Organization-Fee Junction API Integration
  • Educational ERP
  • Dashboard, Alerts, Notifications Management
  • User-friendly &Amp; Responsive Web Design

How DRC Systems came Up With A Much Needed Solution?

This school solely relied on the paperwork that consumed tons of hours. This left the office staff with little time to perform other important tasks. DRC Systems understood that there was a need to come up with a much-needed solution to simplify the administration process that seemed infeasible. We studied the entire situation, analyzed all the business operations and focused on these aspects:

  • Implement flexible information flow, role-based rights and information management
  • Implement an API-based architecture where ERP systems can be integrated
  • To build an ERP system that contains various modules that are integrated into a single database and can be operated from a single platform