How to Outsource Java Development in 2023: A complete guide

March 31, 2023

It is the third decade for Java, it was first released in 1996 and developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. In the software development world, Java is one of the widely used programming languages. According to Statista, around 33.27% of developers prefer Java for their projects.

Before coming to the main topic of discussion which is how to outsource java development. Let us understand what makes Java, one of the most commonly used programming languages and as a business looking for java development services how will it benefit your business?

Why should you choose Java for your business?

Each language has characteristics that make it suitable for the project.
Some of the major features of java are;

1. Platform-independent

Java works on the principle of write here, run everywhere. It gives the freedom to the developers to write the code once and use it multiple times for different platforms.

2. Object-oriented

Java is an object-oriented programming language. It uses all the concepts of object-oriented programming like object, class, polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction.

3. Secure

Java has security features that protect the software or application from phishing attacks, SQL injection, and other threats.

4. Simple and Open-source

Java is fairly a simple-to-learn and use language. Jaya is an open-source language, it benefits from the huge library support which eases the development process.

What is software development outsourcing?

Simply put, software outsourcing is hiring a third party to develop the software. Businesses may not have an in-house software development team, for their software development, they need to hire developers who would help them with their requirements. It saves a lot of time and money as software development companies are experts in delivering software solutions.

How to outsource Java development?

We have gathered and compiled all the information and created a guide that would guide you to outsource java development for your business.

1. Company reputation

You need to research and prepare a list of the best java development companies for your project. Before outsourcing you need to make sure of the quality and service you would get. There are multiple platforms available online where you can find reviews about the company, that would give you an idea about its performance and reputation in the market.

2. Experience

There are different types of projects that a software development company works on. You need to figure out if the company has experience in dealing with the type of development required by your business. Different sectors come with their unique functionality required, which can be complex at times. If the company has already worked with your sector it gives them an understanding of your project already, which would save time and effort. You can ask them about the various java development service they offer and the kind of projects they have worked on.

3. Team

Having an experienced team on board, who are experts in their subject is advantageous. They have developed skill sets that would make the whole process seamless. Before hiring java developers you can ask the company to set up a meeting to know about their expertise and experience. Through this process, you can pick your team for your project.

4. Portfolio

The portfolio of the company would give you an insight into their past work and scope of work. For example, if you are looking to outsource cloud base java application and the company’s portfolio shows similar projects they have worked on. You can be assured about the skill set required for the project.

5. Work process

Each company follows a different work procedure. Some certain compliances and practices are globally accepted and recommended. It helps in maintaining and ensuring the quality of the software developed. They also follow a communication model to ensure effective communication and collaboration within the team and with you as your outsourcing partner. Knowing the procedure and standards they follow would help you choose the java development outsourcing company.

6. Pricing structure

The pricing of the project is a decisive point for any business. Companies well-established follow a pricing structure for all their projects. You need to check with the company beforehand to avoid any kind of discrepancies in pricing.

7. Support and services

The other crucial part of the development process is the support and service the company offers, which might go neglected if not emphasized. After the completion of a project, there are certain times during the lifecycle of the product, you would need updation, assistance, or face certain problems in the usage, at that time support from the development company is important as they have developed it and are aware of the minute details.

Making sure you have covered all the above points while choosing the java development outsourcing partner would ensure a favorable outcome.

Benefits of outsourcing java development projects

1. Skilled resource

When you follow the step to step process for hiring a java development outsourcing partner it will guarantee access to skilled resources. They have the exposure that would benefit your business.

2. Cost-effective

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way for your development requirements. Infrastructure cost, operational cost, training, and hiring cost of developers all are saved when you outsource.

3. Focus on core business operations

As a business, it is important to focus on your core business operations, and for that, you must outsource your java development requirements. The java development company has the expertise to handle the project without any additional responsibility for your business.

4. Quality assurance

The experience and skill set that expert java developers poses will assure the quality. Our dedicated java developers are well versed with the recent development and upgrades which enables them to build and deliver the latest solutions.

5. Faster development

The java outsourcing company would have a team of developers who would work for the on-time completion of your project. The company has enough resources in case any emergency occurs.

6. Flexibility to scale

While working with the java development outsourcing company you always have the flexibility to scale, you don’t have to worry about resource allocation and since they have already been working on the project, it is hassle-free to scale.

Summing up

Catering to the software development requirement of companies from different countries across different sectors is our expertise. We have years of experience and well-established working models and procedures adhering to global standards. We will deliver high-performing solutions whether you need to build a java mobile application or web development or any other java development services. Hire our dedicated java developers and rest assured of an on-time, high-quality, secure, and functional solution as per your unique business requirements.


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