10 Best PHP Frameworks That Are Setting New Trends in 2022

February 16, 2022

PHP is a widely used web development technology that accounts for a majority of websites on the Internet. The developer community has mixed feelings about PHP development. There is currently a large ecosystem of frameworks available in the marketplace to simplify PHP development.

Why do you, as a developer, use a PHP framework? How do you determine which PHP framework is the best and which one is the best for your specific requirements?

In this article, we are going to throw light on 10 PHP frameworks.


Laravel is quite a popular PHP framework known for its open-source environment. Some of its features include session management, caching, and user authentication. It offers so many features and functionalities thus making it the best choice for customising complicated projects.

There are other packages the developers can club with this framework. Most of the framework-independent packages operate with all the PHP frameworks. On the other hand, the Laravel-specific packages work only with Laravel. Laravel Debugbar is a popular package that adds a toolbar to the application that streamlines the debugging operations.

Key Features:

  • Object-Oriented Libraries for a password reset, monitoring active users, CSRF protection, and Bcrypt hashing
  • MVC Architecture Support for a faster development process
  • Secure Migration System to expand the database without any effort
  • Unique Unit Testing enables the developers to run multiple test cases
  • Artisans create the skeleton code, database structure, and migration


CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework that is specifically designed to prepare a simple toolset to build full-featured web applications. As a result, this framework has a minimal effect on your applications and web servers. CodeIgniter improves productivity and enables developers to showcase their creativity.

Convenient configuration allows quick development and faster time-to-market. Most developers consider CodeIgniter a nearly perfect PHP framework that streamlines basic programming tasks quickly.

Key Features:

  • Unlike the other frameworks, CodeIgniter is very lightweight and a simple PHP framework. It is easy to use and offers well-illustrated instructions that make it excellent for the new developers
  • The MVC architecture offers the perfect suite of security tools, great error handling, and excellent documentation. This environment streamlines the development of scalable applications
  • CodeIgniter is a bit faster than the other competitor frameworks. It offers solid performance and makes it a viable option for developing dynamic applications for small servers


Symfony is a stable structure and offers a convenient environment to create websites and applications. Many developers select this framework for the reliability of work. Apart from that, Symfony also simplifies the development process at a high level.

Laravel is based on Symfony which makes this one more popular among not only professional developers but also beginners.

Key Features:

  • Symfony is the best choice when it comes to building large-scale corporate applications and websites
  • The main highlight is component reuse. It is database engine dependent, can be integrated with other vendor libraries, is reliable, and follows the best design practices.
  • Symfony is a reliable framework and offers a robust debugging toolbar that displays all the necessary information
  • Deployment is really easy and it eliminates the manual deployment


Phalcon stands out among the other PHP frameworks since its development environment is based on C and C++. It offers a universal autoloader, asset management, caching and other capabilities. This framework is easy to use and offers extensive documentation that assists the developers in better understanding the application development process and framework.

Apart from that, Phalcon is a web framework and scores better in performance. It is a full-stack framework that offers a non-traditional approach to developing web applications.

Key Features:

  • Simple to set up and easy to use, Phalcon is the ideal framework developers use for building enterprise-grade solutions
  • Asset management, faster execution, a universal autoloader and total security as some of the key highlights
  • It makes optimal use of memory and enhances speed which makes Phalcon the best choice for building lightning-fast web applications and websites


FuelPHP is a simple, fast, and flexible PHP framework that fully supports HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) as a part of its architecture. This framework offers complete security with features that support Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, input filtering, output coding, and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Duplicating the content with Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) eliminates the need for displaying it on several pages. This saves time and improves productivity.

Key Features

  • FuelPHP enables developers to create dynamic end-to-end web applications
  • Some of the key highlights are vulnerability prevention, URL routing system, caching mechanism, RESTful implementation, and HMVC support
  • Offers complete security if your project is data-sensitive

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CakePHP is simply an undisputed leader when it comes to reliability and stability. CakePHP is simply a beautiful toolbox that assists developers with creating appealing feature-rich websites. With a great learning curve, it is also one of the most simple frameworks to learn with its CRUD structure (Create Read Update Delete).

Since the early 2000s, CakePHP has been evolving with a new slew of features that helps with easy website development.

Key Features

  • Pretty simple to set up and only requires a copy of the framework and web server
  • Some of the key highlights include SQL injection prevention, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and input validation
  • Offers quicker builds, appropriate class inheritance, security, validation
  • Offers excellent documentation & premium assistance to the developers


Yii is a simple but evolutionary component-based PHP framework that streamlines the development of contemporary online applications with good speed. This framework is ideal for a wide range of online applications. As a result, it is known as a reputed web programming framework.

This efficient framework reduces the development time and improves the efficiency of developers. With an impressive set of tools to create unique interfaces and software solutions, Yii is highly popular among developers. It is easily integrated with jQuery and eases the main stages of work on application development.

Key Features

  • Simple setup and offers a suitable environment for eCommerce portals
  • It is fast, adaptable, scalable and eliminates repeated SQL queries
  • Large developer community to get all the assistance
  • An extremely flexible architecture allows the developers to modify every line of the code

Laminas Project

Laminas is the evolved version of the Zend framework. Because of its component-based design and architecture, it is also referred to as a glue Framework. Laminas is more object-oriented that allows the developers to load just the required components as separate libraries. Additionally, the components and the MVC architecture bond to corporate development principles and standards, thus making them appropriate for the development of complex web applications.

Key Features:

  • MVC architecture integration with the external libraries
  • Allows the developers to use the components they need
  • Offers a dynamic architecture with loosely coupled components and just a few interdependencies
  • Offers a flexible caching system with tons of backend including file system and memory


Zend is a fully object-oriented framework that is extended to features like inheritance and interfaces. Zend Framework was created in an agile environment that enables developers to build high-quality applications for corporate customers. This framework is flexible and follows PHP standard practices that are critical for developers who are looking for project-specific features.

Key Features:

  • For complicated enterprise-grade applications, this framework is a great choice for developers. Zend is a popular framework in financial institutions and IT enterprises
  • A few of the key highlights are simple cloud API, data encryption, MVC component, session management
  • It can work with external libraries and the developers can pick and choose the specific components they wish to employ
  • This framework provides a huge user community and extensive documentation


PHPixie is a powerful full-stack PHP framework for building high-performance online applications and websites. Just like FuelPHP, PHPixie offers an MVC architecture like FuelPHP and is made of separate components. This framework also has a huge community that contributes to continuous improvement regularly.

Starting as a micro framework, PHPixie slowly evolved into one of the most powerful full-stack PHP frameworks with high performance. This framework ensures ease of use, low coupling, and better performance in comparison to other frameworks.

Key Features:

  • It is simple to set up and easy to learn and implement
  • Compatible with the enhanced HMVC architecture
  • Offers an impressive routing scheme
  • A framework with lightweight MongoDB support


Using the PHP framework makes the application development process easier and reduces the workload. Each framework has its features, flows, extensive documentation, help files, and support.

Selecting the right framework depends on different parameters. The type of project and the development team you have, are a few parameters. Although it is possible to build an in-house PHP development team, it is the best choice to contact a PHP development company and hire dedicated PHP developers. We are a leading PHP development enterprise and have been assisting several businesses across the globe. Contact us today!


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