Many retail stores use Point-of-sale systems for recording items for placing orders, and to calculate bills. These systems are industry-specific and customized by expert vendors according to business processes.

Our team of domain experts and software engineers focus on building a great product faster and easier with a number of fashion factors including communication and integration with different peripherals. Migration to diverse platforms and devices and multiple client applications including web forms, Silverlight, and HTML5. DRC Systems has time and again delivered efficient outcomes and solutions to varied scenarios.

Our team of engineers are well versed in development of POS in PHP and Typo3, according to international standards and policies. We provide comprehensive solutions for the retail outlets while integrating existing systems for management of records effectively and efficiently. The collective experience of a strong team of developers has helped us develop POS systems for diverse set of retail clients with lots of success.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.