AI, Powering Businesses Of The Future

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is very old and dates back to the time of Charles Babbage. This concept revolves around building super-machines that are capable of thinking and analyzing their directives and then making a smart decision just like humans. AI can be interpreted as simulating the capacity for abstract, creative, and deductive thoughts along with the ability to learn from mistakes.

In the industries, it is employed in the financial world for uses ranging from improving the customer service to fraud detection services by predicting what kind of services the customers need. In the manufacturing industry, it is used to manage the workflows and production processes as well as for predicting the faults before they take place, thereby implementing predictive measures.

DRC’s Expertise

DRC Systems has been leveraging Chatbots for various clients with various custom requirements across the globe. If you have a query that can be solved by using a bot, DRC Systems is the answer. We have successfully deployed several bots by collaborating with tech giants such as IBM Watson. We are one of the top automation and bot service providers in the world and are constantly growing and evolving in the field of Artificial Intelligence and innovation.

IBM Watson

We at DRC Systems can help you implement the virtual assistant IBM Watson as a perceptive customer engagement service and Watson Explorer to help you with your content analytics. These services are 100% customized that suit your specific business requirements.

Watson Virtual Agent

Watson Virtual Agent helps your businesses build a bot to entirely take over your customer service functions. This perceptive self-service customer inquiry tool can answer customer queries and take action accordingly. It comes with a whole bunch of distinct features.

  • Personalized configuration for custom needs
  • Dashboard with engagement metrics
  • Reduced support costs
  • Bot-powered self-service
  • Deep analytics capability

Watson Explorer

Watson Explorer is a different entity within itself. With this smart service, you can perform the following functions with ease:

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Cognitive indexing and search


A Chatbot is an intelligent computer program that uses sophisticated machine language processing systems that create an interface to communicate with humans. This entire process is carried out in the form or text, audio, or video signals. You can leverage for your businesses a chatbot, Newsbot, meeting scheduling bot, Advisor bot, or a recruitment bot. Bots can greatly reduce human intervention thereby making the business processes a lot smoother and effective. Siri is a great example of what a bot can do.

Pepper Robot

Have you heard of a bot that can process human emotions? Human emotions such as love, raising an eyebrow, frowning, or smiling can be processed by the Pepper Robot. This close-to-human humanoid can process almost all human emotions. Pepper, the humanoid is available in schools, universities and is being used to teach the students programming and human-robot research.

Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence

With the ever-growing technology, artificial intelligence is designing scenarios. This can be understood with the example of Siri or Google Assistant. There are several reasons why Artificial Intelligence has a very strong presence around the globe.

AI automates through continuous learning

AI is different from robotic automation. Rather than automating manual tasks, artificial intelligence performs high-volume tasks with higher reliability rates.

AI improves intelligence of services and products

Conversational bots like Siri, Alexa, smart machines can be combined with large amounts of data. This can be done to improve technologies at workplaces, home right from security to investment analysis automation.

AI Adapts Through Backpropagation

AI finds a structure and regularities inside the data so that the algorithm acquires a definite skill. Backpropagation is an important AI technique through which the model adjusts to the data.

Artificial Intelligence Analyzes Deeper Data

Designing a fraud detection system with multiple hidden layers was next to impossible a few decades ago. Everything has changed with technological advances. The more data you feed to the systems, the more accurate are the results.

AI Achieves More Accuracy Through Deep Neural Networks

Your interactions with Alexa, Google Search, Siri are all based on deep learning. These interactions keep on getting more accurate the more you use them.

Artificial Intelligence Gets The Most Out Of The Data

With improved algorithms that are self-learning, the data can become a unique trademark. This creates a competitive advantage for the industries that use AI thereby giving them an upper hand in the field of BI.

Why DRC Systems For AI Requirements?

When AI meets Automation, expect masterpieces. Right from automating routine tasks including software testing to making critical decisions in businesses, automation has changed the entire scenario. AI is everywhere, whether it is a retail business, banking, or customer service.

At DRC Systems, we understand your requirements and the importance of Artificial Intelligence in your business. We leverage AI and provide top-notch services and solutions. Our unique solutions and services set new benchmarks of quality, functionality, and performance. We are on a mission to design futuristic applications that leverage Artificial Intelligence.

We are working on improving automation by offering custom services and solutions to our clients. We provide our clients with customized services in the form of chatbots, newsbots, and other automated custom services with business intelligence as the core element.

Join hands with us to create the software of the future!


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