About the client

GoFundRaise is a charity portal that helps donors and fundraisers connect through technology and raise funds for various causes.

They have worked with over 1,000 charities, ranging from small Australian not-for-profits to large charity organisations with a global reach to all countries and people in need. The mission of GoFundRaise is to help make the world a better place by making online fundraising easier, more cost-effective and fun!

What was Gofundraise looking for?

Gofundraise’s main objective is to raise as many funds via fundraisers as they can for various causes that plague our society. It was important to connect the fundraisers with the donors via technology to enable a transparent and easy fundraising process.

The client wanted a system when a fundraiser can create his/her own fundraising page, select a favorite charity and share with friends and loved ones asking for their contributions to support the same. Gofundraise also wanted to enable registered organizations to effectively fundraise through their events or to be benefited from the many events and campaigns that Gofundraise supports across Australia.

Our Solution

Connecting to donors and managing the funds is the most crucial part of any charity portal like Gofundraise. With a fragmented system in place, it becomes cumbersome to collect funds for various charities of your choice.

The solution is to build an online system that a fundraiser can easily handle on his/her own and collect funds for as many charities as they want in one single platform. Following functionalities were recommended by the DCR team to the client:

CMS for fundraiser

To build a platform using Umbraco CMS and build modules/registration process which can facilitate content management of the entire website. Also, fundraisers can create their own team/individual pages, events and are able to manage content in those pages.

Charity & Fund Management

To enable a facility that, before a fundraiser can start a charity page or evens, they have to register first and get Gofundraise’s approval. In this way, the entire process will be controlled and monitored and there would be no fundraising for any random cause.

Event Management

To develop event management custom module where fund-raisers can create/manage events, start fund-raising, or find fundraisers for the event and manage donations etc.

Payment & Security

In a charity portal, payment section needs to be paid close attention to as donors are highly apprehensive of the same and sometimes a haphazard and even seemingly insecure payment gateway may lead them to not make any donations.

Thus, Safe and seamless subscription payments that eliminate churn, boost conversion and increase customer lifetime value was proposed.Also, recommendation to build a module for recurring payments for regular donations was made.


A systematic process is a must for successful execution of a project. And DRC system takes this very seriously. They have an inherent approach while working on any project that has helped them come out triumphantly every time. In DRC systems, every project goes through the following stages:


Project initiation

DRC team initiated this project by holding detailed discussions with the client. This helped them assess their current situation, their pain points and the goal they want to achieve. Once both the client and DRC team were on the same page, a list of recommendations was submitted to the client for their approval.


Project allocation

Once the recommendations were approved, a strategic plan was made to make the execution easier. The plan included all the resources required, the budget and turnaround time. The process was divided into various tasks that were then assigned to expert individuals.


Project Execution

Once the strategy was worked out, the team started to follow the plan step by step. The deadline for each task was strictly maintained and weekly progress report was submitted to the client. The technologies that were being used in the project are Umbraco (Open source Asp.Net CMS) SQL Server 2012.


The entire project was a challenging one and there was no questions of going wrong anywhere as people’s money were involved. Too many things had to be taken to account while building the project, especially the Payment section since Gofundraise was very clear and had specific requirements for that section like:

  • PCI compliant
  • Accept donations with: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal
  • Receive Regular Giving payments
  • To be able to encourage donors to help cover transaction costs
  • Vaulted payments
  • Instantly issued DGR receipts

The team also took care of other essentials that enhanced the project so that it met and went beyond clients requirements. Following features were worked upon to aid the client’s goal of making online fundraising easy and fun:

  • The website would have a Cause Page with fundraiser’s organisation logo and info about the cause.
  • Facility to accept unlimited donations with auto receipting
  • Ability to take part in Third Party Events
  • Allow fundraisers to create their own DIY fundraising events
  • Receive fortnightly financial reports
  • Secure scalable Hosting
  • Allow team and individual pages to be made
  • Customise fundraising page descriptions and images
  • Mobile optimised fundraising pages
  • Allow fundraisers to sync with Fitbit Payments and Security

The Results

Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Tab Results
Tab Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results
Mobile Results

For DCR team, GoFundRaise was a very interesting project in terms of challenges. The team got a good exposure in Umbraco that helped them hone their skills further to develop advanced level systems in future. They also got extensive experience in integrating various elements to complete and make the flow user-friendly and PCI compliant.

The project was highly successful and there was impeccable on – time delivery. Gofundraise is delighted with the final outcome and today is leveraging the benefits of the same as the easy to use system saves them enormous amount of time in managing the content, events and get donations in a secure way. The features enabled in the final project were:

  • Overview back-end features
  • Dynamic Content Management
  • Event Management
  • User Management
  • Charity & Fund Management
  • Event Management
  • User Management
  • Brand based design
  • Design that match perfectly with the brand
  • Animated content display
  • Clean & Attractive Layout
  • Responsive web design
DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.