What was V3 Designs looking for?

V3 Designs is a jewelry designing company based in Edison, NJ.

The ultimate objective of any business is to create value for its customers and thereby increasing ROI. V3 Designs is a jewelry design store that required a comprehensive system that would streamline clients’ internal process of managing their products along with metal types, stones, price, etc without too much manual intervention. The system would facilitate designing custom products with various metal combinations as per customer requirements and automatic calculation of the subsequent price of the same.

In a way, V3 designs envisioned a ‘your wish, my command’ sort of strategy where if a customer wants a gold version of a particular design in silver metal, the system is able to display the same along with the price (with gold rates, conversion formulas, fitting and handling charges). The system also required a feature to email the same quotation to the customers and dealers and also maintain the price for franchisee as well as the customers uniquely.

Our Solution

The hardcore technical requirement of V3 Designs led them to DRC Systems that wasted no time in getting started with the project immediately. DRC systems recommended building of a heterogeneous technology platform that would help in achieving process efficiency of the client. An ERP system was best suited to serve the clients purpose. Following solutions were proposed to the client:

Manage Inventory & Sales

This functionality includes managing of all the necessary raw materials along with their prices. Facility of sales of products via the system would also be provided.

Quotation Generation

This functionality provides the facility of generating the quotation for designing a custom product tailored according to a customer’s choice. All the jewelry conversion formula will be applied in case of any metal change during product designing. The newly designed product quotation would be automatically delivered to the client’s franchisee stores along with its purchase and sell price.

Catalog Management

All designed products would be categorized and displayed for customers to browse through and choose.


Whenever DRC systems undertakes a project, it makes sure that the project is delivered on time. A thorough plan and a systematic approach are followed so that there are fewer surprises at the time of project completion. In DRC systems, every project goes through the following stages:


Project initiation

At this stage, DRC system arranged for open line communication with the client when questions were asked and answered to attain detailed understanding of the client’s existing scenario and requirement. Then, the experts of DRC team decided on the methodology and recommendations that were shared with the client.


Project allocation

A detailed roadmap to execute the project was drafted. The budget was ascertained and a timeline was sketched out. The entire process was divided into tasks each of which was assigned to expert individuals along with a turnaround time.


Project Execution

Now was the time to transform the plan into a tangible reality. The team designed the ERP from scratch and integrated the disparate system into a simplified but comprehensive one equipped with all the functions that the client required.

To mitigate failure risks, the system was tested at each phase so as to avert any kind of unforeseen issues. Progress report was timely submitted to the client for their constant input and feedbacks. Technology being used in the process were ASP.NET, C#, Jquery , Ajax , IIS Server 8.0 , SQL Server 2012.


At the core of DRC systems operation is a positive attitude to serve the best possible solution to the client which in turn may become quite a challenging task. In this project, one major challenge was to keep pace with the timeline so that the project is delivered on time without the quality being hampered.

Also, DRC team did a lot of testing when the system was being built which, although helped in the final outcome, consumed a lot of time.

The Results

DRC systems built an easy to use ERP system that allowed the client to utilize their time in improving their product ranges rather than manually managing their products, prices, design catalogs, etc. The client leveraged on the system to meet important business requirements. As a result of the Inventory and sales management feature, ERP saves all the raw materials with necessary attributes and it helps during the sales of the products.

The system also decides the purchase and sell price for their franchisees as well, saving a lot of time and money for the client. As a result, the client was highly satisfied with DRC systems work as they could easily maneuver around the system without depending on any third party.

Desktop Results
Desktop Results
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