About the client

EmpraGlob GmbH conducts operations in Germany and Spain. This company is a management consulting organization that specializes in helping firms establish international strategic partnerships so they can conduct and penetrate international markets.

The Problem

EmpraGlob wanted to create an information and communications technical (ICT) portal that facilitated helping members looking for new distribution and marketing channels, new strategic partners, and international supply sources. The client wanted a number of components for their ICT Portal, increasing the scope of the challenge.

EmpraGlob wanted the following multiple items in their new portal

  • A multilingual corporate website (including some website templates to create foreign sites).
  • A language selection area including all major languages (with Asian dialects), including automatic recognition of the visitor country and predominate language.
  • A totally thorough community management platform which includes online payment processing.
  • An equally thorough events management system, also including online payment integration.
  • A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.
  • FAQ and glossary database.
  • Ability to have a timely forum.
  • A relevant news database.
  • An impressive photo gallery.
  • An easily navigable sitemap.
  • Website search functionality.

EmpraGlob chose to make the process complex by opting for an international multi-stage bidding requirement. The Request for Information (RFI) document had a project description, their extensive requirements (noted above), and a list of questions for prospective bidders. DRC Systems answered the questions, stated we were looking forward to discussions, and impressed management with our documented expertise.

Our team was thrilled to be included in the Request for Quotes (RFQ). We enthusiastically agreed to be responsible for all technologies to design and install the new platform. After much deliberation, EmpraGlob decided to award DRC Systems the challenge of designing its new system.

Our Solution

We received a detailed list of the client’s requirements divided into six modules. Since the working language was English, communications were straightforward and clear for our company and EmpraGlob staff and management interaction.

We used the detailed requirement document as a vital tool to measure our progress toward the client’s goal. As we first struggled with some cultural differences, we soon understood international standards, and encountered no further problems.

DRC Systems adapted to every challenge that appeared during the extensive, complex design process. Because of the complexity of this project, we designed this system in multiple stages, getting client approval at every milestone.

This was a massive task to create this system, but worth every minute of effort. Among the technical software routines we used, were

The Results

EmpraGlob GmpH Managing Director, Karl Heinz Ohlberg, offered feedback ratings on our work quality in the following areas

Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results
Desktop Results

The biggest reward for DRC Systems

From the comments in this client feedback, EmpraGlob, even though they wanted a complex portal as a demanding client, was happy we were able to address their wishes successfully.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.