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Cybersecurity is a series of activities wherein the user safeguards the computer, workstations, servers, databases, mobile devices, electronic systems, and other digital data from malicious attacks. Cybersecurity is also known as IT security, electronic information security, and data security. This term applies in a variety of contexts from managing business via a desktop or mobile computing.

The most important goal of Cybersecurity is to protect the information. This information may be login credentials, bank accounts, individual email and address, and social security numbers. The information can also be the blueprints for design, trade secrets, list of clients, and project details.

Cybersecurity also includes the aspect of keeping the networks secure that hold personal and business information. This includes securing the network. Employees might get tricked into giving away their passwords through email or on the phone. Cybersecurity ensures that the network remains secure and well protected so that no hacker can get sensitive information. This prevents the possibilities of data thefts in the future thereby saving millions of dollars.

Our Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

Our cybersecurity professionals are experts in their domains and are always on the run when it comes to securing the digital nodes. From managed security solutions to network audits, have a glimpse at our cybersecurity services.

Cloud Security Services

  • Security Foundation
  • Risk Management
  • Security Engineering

Managed Services

  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Cyber disaster management
  • Third party risk management

Consulting Services

  • Virtual CISO service
  • Penetration testing
  • Network security consulting

Network & Security Audit

  • Information security audit
  • Website security testing
  • Securing networks & system data

Pros Of Cyber Security

What makes Cybersecurity solutions so important for a business? There are numerous advantages to implementing cybersecurity in your business.

Cybersecurity Protects Your Business Pillars

One of the biggest advantages of cybersecurity solutions is the comprehensive digital protection of your business assets. This not only allows your employees to surf the Internet securely but also protects them from potential threats.

It Provides Security Against Cyber Attacks

In this digital age, the most important commodity is personal information. Personal information including email, contact number, social security number, bank accounts is highly vulnerable to threats. Cybersecurity prevents the possibility of a virus stealing the information.

Safeguards The Business Architecture

Protecting the entire database safeguards the entire business against cyber attacks. Apart from this, it also implements the encryption/decryption feature to ensure that only authenticated users can access the information. In this way, cyber-attacks and security threats are eliminated.


HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPs) is used to secure communication over the computer network. It is widely used on the Internet. This feature secures the communication protocol which is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer certificate. HTTPS is the secure version of the protocol.

It Allows Teams To Work Safely

Without the best cybersecurity solutions in the corporate environment, your employees are at constant risk from a cyber-attack. With a cyber secured business architecture, your employees can safely work without any risk of online attacks.

Cyber Security Blocks Spyware

Spyware tracks your activities on the Internet and generates digital footprints. These footprints can be then used by the cyberattackers to get your sensitive details. Having a cybersecurity solution can save your computer from viruses and unauthorized data access.

Secure Your Business With DRC Systems

If you have a business then you might be having a website to market your products and services. In the world of data, you need to safeguard your business with cyber protection. Internet security is a debatable topic and is constantly evolving.

Secure your digital architecture from cyber attacks with our customized cybersecurity services. DRC Systems is an IT Outsourcing company and we specialize in making your business more secure. When it comes to providing cybersecurity.

Apart from securing business architecture, we also safeguard websites and networks. Cybersecurity is the need of the hour and you should protect your data from cyber-attacks at any cost. Our cybersecurity professionals are experts in their domains and we have been helping several businesses across the globe.

To safeguard your business from cyber attacks, contact us right away!


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