Stumping The IT Until Cloud & Big Data Come Aboard

IoT or the Internet of Things refers to the millions of devices around us that are plugged into the Internet. Connecting all these devices to the Internet of Things and adding the sensors to them, adds a level of digital intelligence to these devices. This inculcates effective communication with the data in real-time without involving any real human.

All in all, IoT is a concept of connecting any device to the Internet. It is a giant web of connected devices and users who share and collect data about the environment around them. Smart devices have complex sensors that detect regular activities and use that data to simplify your lives.

IoT, Taking The Market By A Storm

The industrial Internet of Things is changing the way different businesses interact with each other. IoT cloud platform enables businesses with top-notch services that smoothen the operations. Here is a glimpse of how IoT is taking the market by storm.

Improves Communication Between Devices

The ability of the IoT sensors to provide information as well as establishing a connection between different devices for effective communication. This feature is fueling a huge set of IoT applications. IoT is changing the way businesses handle their core business activities.

Offers Remote Monitoring & Performance Checking

IoT applications and services are transforming the manufacturing industry through product-quality and automated machine monitoring. Machines can be automatically monitored to assure their efficiency and performance. Products can be identified and checked for defects and flaws.

Provides Real-Time Asset Tracking

Tracking is an important feature when dealing with sensitive assets as it enables businesses to quickly locate the object. The introduction of the ring-fencing feature makes sure that the assets are safe from theft. This helps in asset management and real-time tracking.

Smart Wearables To Monitor Human Health

IoT devices such as smart wearables allow healthcare staff and physicians to remotely monitor the patients. This feature is extremely helpful for organizations to track and monitor the health of their employees working in hazardous conditions. IoT wearables offer accurate analytics.

Location Efficiencies & Real-Time Data Retrieval

IoT enables a lot of possibilities in existing processes. One strong example is the use of IoT to increase the safety and efficiency of asset management. The organizations can use IoT fleet monitoring features to manage the trucks and fleet in real-time.

Manage All The Business Processes

IoT devices help to manage the business processes by remotely monitoring the health of machines and triggering service calls for preventive measures and maintenance activities. Customers no longer need to buy a product but can use the product online and pay for the exact usage.

Our Contribution To The Enormous IoT Market

The IoT market is huge and it consists of several IoT platforms that leverage several technologies to create customized chatbots addressing specific requirements.

A chatbot is an artificial brain that requires data to learn and improve every day. The main directive of a chatbot is to use the data and help the user accordingly. Chatbots are capable of recognizing speech patterns and non-verbal data as well. Implementing a chatbot feature is a challenge as it involves finding the right technology which is difficult. This is where DRC Systems comes into the picture.

We are an IT company and have been leveraging the IBM Watson bot to develop customized chatbots and other smart solutions for our clients. We are IoT service providers and we have served numerous clients with customized chatbot and virtual agent services around the globe. Our IoT developers are competent enough to design customized bots and smart solutions according to your specific requirements.

Why Us For Customized IoT Services

  • Industry and domain intelligence
  • Personalized configuration for custom needs
  • Customizable dashboard with engagement metrics
  • User friendly
  • Reduced costs and overheads
  • Bot-powered self-service
  • Deep analytics capability
  • Quick and hassle-free implementation
  • Enhanced customer experience

Chatbots are the evergreen elements in the market and IoT is changing the way businesses manage their operations. IoT is shaping the future and we leverage these bots to deliver enterprise-grade customized IoT solutions.

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