MOOC, An Out-Of-The-Box Service

MOOC is changing the shape of online learning thereby acting as an interface between instructors and learners. Massive Open Online Course helps businesses in different ways. MOOC is a learning management system that helps the employees and learners gain proficiency and knowledge to shine out in the market.

Several organizations prefer inducting MOOCs as a part of their business operations. This is a helpful approach as the employees develop new skills in corporate training and learning sessions. The biggest of all advantages is its online availability. Being online, MOOC saves time and cuts down costs thereby helping both employees and organizations.

All the tailormade enterprise solutions help organizations address their specific requirements. Corporates also link these courses with their workflow to facilitate employee training sessions. MOOCs are seen as bridges that help enterprises solve their employee training problems and reduce the overall costs and overheads.

Organizations also opt for their own learning management systems as they want specific skills in their targeted stakeholders. By having custom learning services, your organization can fully utilize the learning potential and help the targeted stakeholders with a new product or service. In addition to that, your organization can empower managers with moderate management skills.

Characteristics Of MOOCs

MOOCs are disrupting the eLearning sector and are available online for free. These online courses house certain technical specifications and have some characteristics.

Web Formats

MOOCs rely on web formats. A large portion of courses consists of pre-recorded videos streamed by the users. Such video content simulates the presence of the trainers. Trainers can also organize live teaching sessions with their students.

Interactive & Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is another important element of MOOCs. These courses allow collaborative learning where the input of each participant enriches the course and is extremely important. Social Q&A Forums and online learning sessions are used for collaborative learning.

Assessing Knowledge

MOOCs often offer the tools required to transfer and retain knowledge. These modules help the trainers to design dynamic courses that are interactive like MCQs, programmed tests, quizzes, etc... Apart from this, MOOCs also offer certificates upon course completion.

Time Limits

MOOCs are time-bound. These courses have specified start and end dates. The entire study material is delivered each week or unlocks upon completion of the previous course. Structuring the entire course makes it looks like a series of mini-events.

MOOC Development At DRC Systems Includes

Learning Management System

Content Management System

Real-Time Student Progress Tracking

Best UI & UX Experience

Analytics For Management

Hire Scalability & Efficiency

Mobile Application For Android & iOS

Discussion Forum

6 Compelling Reasons To Get MOOC Development Services At DRC Systems

We at DRC Systems prepare customized MOOCs for enterprise training purposes. Training Needs Analysis is an important element and our MOOC experts know what to do. These are some reasons why your organization would love our MOOC solutions.

24/ 7 accessibility

DRC Systems supports the Training Professionals to develop MOOCs for corporate training that is online with their employees. Best of all, these courses can be offered to an unlimited number of employees.

Increased Employee Productivity

Corporate training via MOOC enables your employees to build new skills, improve the existing skill, and gather new knowledge about products and services. This boosts their productivity.

Increased Employee Retention

MOOCs for corporate training allows them to feel as though they are growing professionally and expanding their understanding of work processes. This improves employee retention.

Knowledge & Skill Up-gradation

Continuous skill up-gradation and improvement are necessary to enhance the productivity of employees and the organization. Our MOOC solutions offer customized lessons and training material to improve the knowledge and skills of your employees.

Identifying The Super Performers

MOOCs not only allow the organizations to find motivated employees internally but also to find future employees externally. Your organization can identify the performers who have the skills and experience you are looking for in the future.

Address Real-time challenges

The customization features of MOOCs are particularly well suited for corporate training purposes. Organizations can modify the content to the custom requirements to address real-time challenges at a given point in time.

Advantages Of Having MOOC For Your Business

There is a huge bag of advantages of having a customized MOOC solution for your enterprise requirements.

Variety Of Subjects

The college schedules are tight and students do not find time to take extra courses that they want to learn. This is where MOOC comes into the picture. Most of the MOOC providers offer the subjects that you are interested in.

Test The Subject Before Opting

In most of the cases, the major you select influences your future career path. The high school student and learners can club a MOOC course in their prospective major to see if it plays well with the entire course.

College-Level Learning

MOOC courses help you to understand what college lectures and classes are like before you enroll for them. Take the tests and assignments and complete them and check what your next four years would look like.

Pre-College Academics

Most of the MOOC students opt for taking a few relevant courses and have college-level experience. This improves academic performance and gives them required skills before they even enroll for college-level academics.

International Learning

Anyone can opt for a MOOC course online. Participants get a chance of having discussions with the professional instructors and can communicate through threads or forums. Your international peers can teach you new skills.

Open Courses For All

There are no prerequisites for any course on a MOOC learning management system. You can sign up for any class and the dashboard is user-friendly too. MOOC courses require a stable internet connection and a device.

Multilingual Support

Your course options are not limited based on where you live. It does not matter where you come from. Anyone can access any course with the help of subtitles in video lectures. This makes learning even more interactive and effective.

Learn Any Language For Free

MOOCs offer you cost-effective ways to learn any language for free. This is best for learners who want to explore the system and learn something new. Learn a new language at your pace and manage your learning sessions.

AP Exam Preparation

The Open edX® platform offers free study material for the Advanced Placement exam preparation. You can go through the study material and courseware content to achieve higher scores in the AP examinations.

Boost Your Job Applications

MOOC bridge the gap between college freshmen and employees. It provides several free 'soft skills' courses that cover topics from public speaking to teamwork and communication. It provides certifications as well.

Improved Information Flow

MOOC creates learning opportunities for sharing ideas and knowledge across teams. It also improves information flow across global resources. With a functional MOOC course, anyone can get study material and courses.

Real-Time Learning

Learners grasp more through interactive learning sessions rather than long lectures. Quizzes make learning more interactive and interesting. It offers short lectures with regular assignments and quizzes.

Why DRC Systems For Your MOOC Requirements?

DRC Systems has been providing custom solutions and services to its clients since its inception. Whether it is mobile application development, platform development, custom application, or a service, we help our clients’ businesses by leveraging the latest technologies.

At DRC Systems, we ensure the implementation of the Open edX® platform to create highly customized MOOC courses. Our developers and platform specialists design a strategy to implement agile development. We do all this dynamically so we can introduce the required changes in the project as and when required. Our MOOC development services are fully customizable and we deliver according to your busines requirements.

Our experienced engineers and project specialists work with the clients to understand their custom requirements. We leverage the latest technology, work in coordination, and develop top-notch MOOC courses. Apart from that, we also believe in keeping our clients in the loop for doubt clarification and feedback. All this is a part of our planning and implementation phase.

Apart from this all, we are an official partner of the Open edX community. This makes us competent enough to handle any project with ease. Our biggest key resource is the use of the Open edX® platform. We easily develop new platforms from scratch, thanks to our experienced developers and tech experts.

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