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We just don’t offer MOOC course, We offer a bright future too!!!

Ever since the MOOC technology took of a few years back, various providers bloomed that enthusiasts may try for. The Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have great impact on corporations that have started achieving their goals meeting their business objectives. DRC Systems is one of the renowned MOOC solution providers.

MOOC as an ‘out of the box’ solution

Many giant companies prefer introducing MOOCs to their employees for a particular job or a project. And, it has been proved to save a lot from creating expensive, and tailor-made solutions. Corporates also explore ways to link MOOC education with their work environment within their organizations. In other words, learning MOOC is said to solve practical challenges in their jobs. Business skills are remarkably increased with MOOC.

Building your own MOOCs

More and more enterprises are now considering building their own MOOCs in order to train their employees, clients and partners.

That is because MOOC learning helps in educating and influencing global audience for a product, service,and best practices customized to their own organizations.

DRC Systems MOOC services in India is affordable and we do not compromise on quality.

The organizations also opt for having their own MOOCs as they want specific skills to be developed in targeted stakeholders. Being professional MOOC solution providers, DRC Systems helps you in building MOOC-like educating solution offering great scalability, super synchrony, cohort-based learning, and P2P (peer-to-peer) collaboration.

By having your own MOOC, you can utilize its features to educate various stakeholders for a new product or service. In addition, using MOOC-like solution, you can make managers and leaders across the world by empowering them with basic to moderate management skills.

Why choose us

DRC Systems ensures the nonpareil implementation of the Open edX technology for creating the MOOC courses. Our planning and implementation phase is highly agile, that allows inculcating the change when and where required.

Our veteran team of engineers and expertise works in collaboration with the clients to develop the avant-garde MOOC Course that are noteworthy. Transparency, simplicity, agility and fortification form the base of our planning and implementation phase.

DRC systems, a propeller of MOOC courses in today’s education industry. We at DRC Systems offers a rostrum where occurs the amalgamation of technology, learning and internet. Our biggest trump card in developing the avant-garde mooc courses is the use of Open edX technology, which is a trailblazer in web content and application management At DRC systems, we embrace the Open edX technology to the hilt. You can discover and develop a whole new realm of MOOC course in support with our veteran engineers and highly proficient experts having an empirical knowledge base.

DRC Systems is the right destination, if you are looking for building an exclusive MOOC course that can make difference in the life of millions .

About MOOC

MOOC is the online education delivery method of choice emerging in recent years. MOOC stands for “Massive Open Online Course.” This simple name describes exactly what MOOC does so well as it lets you create exciting courses that an unlimited number of people may attend. With MOOC there are almost no limits to what you can do.


It should allow access to a very large number of students, much larger than a face to face class, or a traditional online course.


The course is done remotely via the Internet and does not require physical attendance at a classroom.


The course shoud be Open, the access to educational content (videos, lecture notes) should be free or at minimum cost.


In addition to traditional course materials it is learning objective, quizzes, exams assess the knowledge acquired by students. Interaction between students and teachers (Student- Student, Teacher- Student).

Our Trump Card- Open edX

DRC Systems is the best destination to entirely unveil the features of Open edX for creating the tailor-made course.

We are pioneers in embracing the technology in creation of mooc that is by far the most engaging e-learning platform offering the unexcelled visual experience and interactivity across the globe.

Our veteran team of engineers, designers and experts inherits the best of skills in developing the LMS and CMS. DRC system together with the open edX technology offer features like- x block, xqueue services, discern, notifier and much more.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.