Odoo Consulting Services

Odoo Consulting Services

DRC Systems is among the official partners of OpenERP Odoo development and consultancy services. This shows how dedicated we are, in committing to only the best. We seek to deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions that serve with quick turnaround time. When relying on DRC, you ought to be free from any worries as we hold a solid experience of 10 years. Our team is expert at providing end-to-end implementation and customization services for Odoo ERP.

DRC Systems has been providing Odoo Development Solutions to the business of all sizes. Being official partners with Odoo, we have been able to extend some of the features of Odoo ERP. This lets you handle your business management a bit more seamlessly. Along with providing Odoo solutions and services that have covered the needs of numerous enterprises, we also have some Odoo products that can directly be used by businesses.

You could either be looking to transform your retail store, or develop a responsive website, or to develop a system that manages your big enterprise properly, DRC Systems is there to assist you. There are very less Odoo ERP development companies across the globe that are this experienced and yet, available at every development step for guidance.

Why OdooERP?

Odoo is becoming more and more popular by every passing day. And, there are simply many reasons that contribute to this widespread popularity. The most significant feature is that such an efficient system is open source. Hence, this makes Odoo very cost-effective and has gathered a very active community.

Other than being open source, Odoo is highly modular. This means that you don’t need to access, study or download the entire framework, you get to choose what you exactly need and run along that module. This feature makes way for it is highly flexible as well as highly scalable.

Companies like DRC Systems have achieved expertise in developing such modules under the umbrella of Odoo development services and therefore, it is clear that the framework model runs smoothly with third-party integrations. Also, easy plug and play type integrations have made Odoo an open market today where 14000+ ready-made applications are made accessible for Odoo users.

Odoo Services Offered by DRC Systems

Odoo Implementation

Implementing Odoo with your online business model can be a tricky task. Odoo’s robust framework and huge enterprise functionalities add to the difficulty. Have no fear, DRC is here! Our team of Odoo developers know what they are doing and what they are supposed to do.

Odoo Integration

DRC Systems has its own SaaS solution that integrates Odoo onto other open source platforms. Be it integrating Odoo with CRM and accounting or with any other functional platform, our expert team has got you covered. With our most efficient techniques, your data remains secured and the systme runs without any glitches.

Odoo Customization

Customization services by DRC Systems are catered to fulfill your needs and expectations from Odoo platform. Our primary goal is to extract the Odoo platform benefits in such a way that you get what you want. Our expert team has served many such requests and would love to solve your problems too.

Odoo Website & Application Development

Extending your offiline business to one or more platforms or establishing one all together is now new in this digital age. You don’t need to limit your domain to Odoo platform, we make high end websites as well as highly usable apps with Odoo. Give your business, blog or organization a boost and achieve your goals meticulously.

Odoo eCommerce Solutions

Odoo has a whole department dedicated to eCommerce development. You develop your online business website, add and modify product lists and categories and make maximum out of latest Odoo 12 update. What more? Odoo platform also provides functionalities for connecting third-party ecommerce giants such as Amazon, ebay, etc that in a way extend your ecommerce business to these platforms too.

Odoo Module Development & Modification

As progressive as it is, at the end of the day, Odoo has its own limitations. The default functionalities of the modules may not be sufficient enough for your particular needs. We can go about two ways for solving this issue. We can either develop a new module all together or we can modify the one that aready exist and tweak them a bit as per your needs. Our team has got its merits in both.

Odoo Theme Development & Modification

The case Odoo themes is one that is similar to Modules and hence our approach is similar to both the issues. Our graphic and frontend team is highly skilled and holds a portfolio in working on decent productions of themes that are dynamic, easy-to-load and just too good to look at. We can work on already existing ones and make them look even better.

Odoo Consultancy Services

Our Odoo Consultancy services are meant to give a new shape and edge to your business. We provide 360 degree support that is effective and helps you manage the workflow of your business efficiently. We will develop a highly functional model that would conduct surveys, project and resource management, CRM and sales management, and would generate effective reports covering various aspects of business growth and development.

Why Choose DRC Systems?

We offer comprehensive ERP implementation services for Enterprise clients. The Service offerings cover all facets including Requirement gathering, customization, development, data migration, training and post deployment support. We help the organizations to operate with greater agility, make profitable decisions faster and collaborate with increased mobility around the world.


We believe in providing the best value for your buck. We will walk that extra mile for making sure you get what you want out of this OpenERP model. Our team of experts base their ability on the fact that they love what they do and would not compromise on quality, come what may.


We don’t believe in the ‘Jack of all trades” theory. Our ODOO development team has a rigorous work experience on the platform and knows how it functions inside out. The team is up to date with the latest trends and tools and is wel versed with the evolution of the platform.


Our work does not end at the delivery of the product, Maintenance and hearing out your problems are also treated as the major aspects of how we work on a product. Customers’ satisfaction equates to our own and we would never let you down in this aspect.

If your enterprise is ready to deploy an ERP, DRC is an ideal partner to work with you to achieve success. Being a Silver Partner of Odoo, DRC is uniquely positioned and employs the best, most innovative talent, to meet its client’s high level of expectation.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.