Simplifying The Common Repetitive Tasks

ROR or Ruby On Rails is a software code built on top of Ruby. It is defined as a package of a library known as RubyGem. This library is installed using the command-line interface (CLI) of the operating system. Ruby On Rails is an open-source web application framework that offers a time-saving alternative to the developers to code. It houses multiple code-libraries that offer a ready-made solution for repetitive web design activities like developing tables, menus, or forms.
This web application framework combines the Ruby programming language with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop web applications that execute on a web server. As this framework operates on the web server, it is also called the server-side web application development framework. Ruby On Rails is just like PHP on Symphony or Laravel. The biggest feature of Ruby On Rails is the compactness of the language. It is designed to support agile development to deliver flexibility to the developers.


MVC Architecture

Powerful & Robust

Convention Over Configuration

Powerful Testing Tools

Auto Code Deployment

Easy To Understand

Features That Make Ruby On Rails Unique

Ruby On Rails helps organizations enter the web market sooner and assure quality and security. Our offshore RoR developers leverage the power of this framework to create smarter web applications as per your specific requirements.

MVC Architecture
Ruby On Rails is based on the Model View Controller pattern which is the widely used web development architecture. Thus, the developers who are familiar with other frameworks that use MVC patterns find it easy to use Ruby On Rails.
Powerful & Robust
RoR relies on the powerful and robust active record that makes it easy for developers to build and manage the database interaction queries. Defining a query in the Ruby programming language automatically gets converted into the SQL query.
Convention Over Configuration
Ruby on Rails helps developers avoid XML configuration files to spare the conventions and the dynamic runtime extensions. It is a unique platform that favors convention over configuration and saves time.

Engagement Models

Customized ROR Web Development
Renovate an existing web application or develop a new one from scratch. Our RoR developers help you with web applications according to your custom business requirements.
Ruby On Rails Mobile Development
Mobile application development is quite easy when your organization leverages Ruby On Rails. Smooth application, expected performance levels, and multi-platform support is what you get.
Minimum Viable Product Development
Leverage the capability of this framework to develop a highly compact minimum viable product of your project. Save your budgets and accelerate your development stages which improves ROI.

Get robust RoR web solutions with DRC Systems!

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