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New Contour in MOOC courses: How MOOC courses harmonize with the corporate training

  • For Workforce Training
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Many businesses using MOOC - new and evolving forms of online learning into their training and development programs. MOOCs are uniquely helping businesses with their training and development problems.

They can help organizations save money and offer engaging courses and flexibility. Major corporations have already started using MOOCs in learning and development programs.

DRC Systems suggests 6 compelling reason

How MOOC harmonizes with the corporate training’

24/ 7 accessibility

Rather than having to wait for a scheduled training session on-site, employees can access their training anywhere anytime and anyplace. DRC Systems supports the Training Professionals to develop MOOCs for corporate training that are already online with their employees, even if they are across the globe. Best of all, it can be offered to an unlimited number of employees, without any additional revenues, as there aren’t any printed learning materials or instructor costs involved.

Increased Employee Productivity

Corporate training via MOOC enables your employees to build new skills, develop existing skill sets, and gather new knowledge about products and services, which in turn is going to boost their on-the-job productivity. MOOC for corporate training gives the organizations the chance to streamline the work processes and ensure that every employee is a valuable member of the team.

Increased Employee Retention

Well informed and skilled employees are satisfied employees. When the corporate learners are given the information they need and equipped with the skills that can help enhances their operability, they are chances of high employee retention within the organization.

MOOCs for corporate training give them the opportunity to feel as though they are growing professionally and expanding their understanding of work processes. This enhances the credence and self-esteem, which gives them the power to handle the challenges they might encounter while on-the-job and feel a sense of personal satisfaction with their performance.

Upgradation of knowledge and skills

Although onboard training to the new employee is the age old practice, but in today’s jet era, change is the propeller of success.

For enhancing the employee and organizational productivity, it is required to continually upgrade the skills and knowledge of the existing workforce MOOC’s offers a wealth of information, and an opportunity to all the employees to fine tune skills or learn about new topics within their niche in order to stay up-to-date with industry trends or new ideas that might benefit them at work.

Identification of Motivated/Active employees

MOOCs not only allow the organizations to find the motivated employees internally, but also to find the future employees externally. Firstly, MOOCs offers a wide range of tracking and reporting features. One can see who completed a course, how long it took them to complete it, and how well they fared. If employees are taking MOOCS that aren’t mandatory, this typically means they have the drive and determination to improve their professional skill sets. They are motivated to learn and care about their job, because they are taking the time and making the effort to grow.

Secondly, if your organization creates its own MOOCs for corporate training and makes them available online to the public, you could possibly gain the advantage to identify the perspective employees who may have the skills and experience you are looking for in the future.

Address Real time challenges

The customization feature of the MOOC is particularly well suited for the corporate training purposes. Organizations can alter or add content to MOOCs to address real time challenges or issues that employees may be facing on a daily basis.

Employees can take up the course or watch, watch video presentations, and read case studies that help them learn how to navigate situations that they typically encounter while at work rather than attending the seminars which typically don’t register their real time issue at the workplace.

These are just a handful of benefit that MOOCs has to offer to the $150 billion corporate training industry. There is much more to explore and clinch!

We would create the avant-garde MOOC courses that offer the employees the skill development and compliance training they need in virtually every sector.

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