Content Management System (CMS):

A content management system is web based application used to create, edit, manage and publish content in an organized way. CMS is very often used for publishing, versioning, controlling and storing contents. The contents may include text files, image files or audio files.

TYPO3 : Open Source web CMS

TYPO3 is a free open source web content management system. It is a feature rich CMS for enterprise purpose on the web and intranets. TYPO3 offers full flexibility and extendibility. It has readymade interfaces, functions and modules. Typo3 is a free open source award winning content management system with rich features for business entities and enterprises on the web and intranets. It is one of the leading open source content management systems that is available free under the GNU General Public License. It is written using PHP and uses MySQL as the database. It also provides support for other databases such as Oracle, MS SQL and PostgreSQL and is compatible with all major operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX operating systems and browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox etc.

Typo3’s robust architecture, extensive framework, PHP/MySQL base, and an extensive set of modules/plug-ins, for addressing various business needs and scenarios helps to accommodate any business requirement. Typo3 offers full flexibility and extendibility. Owing to the open source technology, it has readymade interfaces, functions, modules and extensions developed and posted by coder community. There are more than 3380 + extensions in the Typo3 that are in built and these are apart from the open source customized extensions that are available.

The best part with Typo3 is that it allows you to write extension and customize code within its framework, thus allowing all business functions of any organization to be built into one framework. Business functions such as managing Forums, Event Calendars, News Listing, Document Management, E-Commerce functions, Template selection, Multilingual support, Multi country, Multi domain etc. are all built-in ready-to-use extensions within the Typo3 framework.

As per BAAR report; TYPO3 has been downloaded over 3.000.000 times from which makes it one of the World’s leading Enterprise Open Source products.

The main focus of the 4.2 version is improving usability. There are many enhancements for system administrators and developers. There are nearly 650 enhancements in the new version.

TYPO3 Features:

  • Ease of Use: TYPO3 provides in-built editors that are compatible with all major browsers. The editors enable users to easily format and publish content on the website. Editors are customizable as per individual requirements.
  • Templating: The TYPO3 template library provides array of templates that can be used to develop the applications. It supports customized template creation using external applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc and import them into TYPO3.
  • Right Management: An extensive admin module is provided with TYPO3 with the help of which administrators can manage and administer the website.
  • Administrators can view audit trails for all the pages of the website. Also have an option for roll back changes made to any pages. Proper access-level permission management.
  • Open Architecture: The repository stores all the extensions available with TYPO3. Download and install the desired extension from the repository at any time. Developers can create custom extension and upload them to the repository where it can be accessed by others.
  • Extension/Feature Richness: An Extension development wizard is included which enables to easily create a basic structure/framework for the application. PHP scripting is used to customize the structure. Developers can create their own extension using Extension Development Tool. A wide array of extensions are freely available that can be integrated with the application to provide the advanced functionality.
  • Configuration: TYPO3 provides configuration language – Typoscript – that can be used to configure and customize the templates that are being used to develop an application.
    Multiple Sites/Domains: TYPO3 has built-in provision that enables multiple domains to point to a single TYPO3 application.
  • Multiple Installs: Multiple versions can be parallel run through.

TYPO3 Advantage:

  • Free open source CMS and feature rich.
  • Virtually any type of website can be developed with TYPO3, from e-Commerce sites, web portal to informational websites.
  • Highly customizable and expandable. There are more than 1000 extensions available for TYPO3.
  • Establishes and secure. There are more than 122 servers with TYPO3 (source: TYPO3.COM).
  • Ideal solution for the advanced management of website as it allows a refined log in for users and administrators of the website.
  • Effective graphics and content management.

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