TYPO3 Development Services and Solutions

TYPO3 development Services

DRC Systems helps you to have a complete TYPO3 development customized as per your business needs. Our veteran experts in content management system use all the traditional as well as contemporary new features and tools available for TYPO3 framework.

We are determined to help you realize that you can design a web app portal according to your needs. We assure you a platform that is completely secure and safe. Our aim is to provide you with flexible solutions that can handle a huge amount of content, be it articles, videos or images.

When a platform promises you so much of good things, the doubt about the product’s stability comes naturally. We take guarantee of that aspect along with the connectivity that will let you integrate with other systems. Our professional offshore TYPO3 CMS development in India helps you get a scalable solution to your IT needs.

Benifits of TYPO3 CMS

Simplicity and ease of handling

The technology offers general editing tools that are user-friendly and compatible with almost all browsers. The editing feature helps clients to easily arrange and manage content online. Editing can be customized and managed according to business objectives.

A Wide collection of templates

The officially provided library of templates in TYPO3 houses a great collection that is easy to configure. Organizations use these to augment the functionalities of the applications by extending their features. The CMS also supports building a customized template by using third-party apps such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. This can be imported to TYPO3.

Access, navigation, and management

The admin interface, called TYPO3 Backend, is compatible with any modern web browser, be it on computers, tablets or mobile phones. The TYPO3 frontend and backend are two distinct and separate interfaces. This makes sure that developers have complete and total control of their front-end markup, CSS, and JavaScript, down to the most minute details. The backend provides complete control over all site content. The frontend editing interface brings an ease for content management by non-technical editors.

Enterprise Features

Along with acting as a sophisticated content management system, TYPO3 also offers a number of premium enterprise features including a database abstraction layer, content-specific caching backends, reporting tools, documented serviced-based APIs for authentication like LDAP and Active Directory, a digital asset manager, well-defined interfaces for third-party systems integration, and an interface for scheduled jobs.

Services offered by us

Being a responsible TYPO3 agency in India, we offer a wide range of professional services in the various domains.

Template Design and Integration (Classic and TemplaVoila)

Using Classic and TemplaVoila, TYPO3 geeks at DRC cater unique designs according to your needs. And along with designing, they will assist you with the maintenance too. How your frontend looks decides how it will be received by your potential users.

TYPO3 Extension Development and Management

We hold the capability of developing a new extension as per your specific needs. Got any issues with the old extensions, we will modify those for you. Leave the installation of extensions on us and focus on your extending your business.

Migration of Old Site to TYPO3

So you have finally understood how efficient TYPO3 as a platform for your website is? Don’t worry, we will migrate your old website on TYPO3 platform. Rest assured that your data will not be compromised.

Offshore Client Specific TYPO3 Customization

When used with utmost precision, TYPO3 can prove to be the most effective CMS for your website. We have experience of coming up with what’s right for your business growth. Client-specific customization for our offshore clients has been a quiver in our bow that we are proud of.

TYPO3 Support and Maintenance

We have pledged to take full responsibility of all your TYPO3 woes. Feel free to approach us for any sort of issue related to TYPO3 CMS. We promise to never turn our backs on you.

Dedicated TYPO3 Developers you can hire

Sometimes, as a budding business, you might need people who are focussing only on your project. But why go for specially processing job hunting. We provide dedicated developers or teams of developers that will work only on your project.

Why Choose DRC Systems?

You might think what we provide is not unique enough. To you, maybe it is still not compelling enough to make you choose us. There is only so much we can put here to show you how much we care. Our team of experts in TYPO3 has a passion for their work. And, this passion has converted into years and years of experience. Be it TYPO3 development, or extension development, or migrating your website to TYPO3, we assure you our unparalleled attention.


We believe in providing the best value for your buck. We will provide you TYPO3 developers as per your budget. But, remember that your budget would not incur any compromise on the quality of our work.


We have adopted the method of rigorous testing that ensures the best quality product. Our TYPO3 team makes sure to put in, the sincerest efforts to make your dream project come true. Our team is equipped with modern tools and traditional age old discipline.


We believe that our work does not end at the deliverance of the product. We are determined to stick with you whenever you face any hurdles. We truly believe in making our customers satisfied and keeping up with that satisfaction.

If you need someone to rely on, for your TYPO3 issues, we are there for you. We believe that a business administrator need not worry about everything, especially about the management of their IT front. That is where our presence becomes significant in your business development process. And, we assure you our significant presence will turn into massive success for you.

DRC Systems Globally Available
DRC Systems is globally available.